How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile App Development Platform

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According to a Statista forecast, there will be 7.49 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2025. Services for creating mobile applications have expanded greatly in recent years. Businesses may improve their branding and raise their corporate values with the use of mobile applications.

It’s crucial to choose the platform if you are a business owner and want to create a mobile application. When selecting the best mobile app development platform, there are several factors to consider. Which devices do your consumers often use the app on- Android, iOS, or Windows? Your decision on the platform you wish to employ will be clearer once you have identified your user base.

Do not worry if you have been thinking more about this subject. To assist you in making the best decision, here are a few pointers:

Identify Customer Base

Platforms differ greatly also, in terms of area. So, the most important thing is to consider regional factors. Consider conducting in-depth research to identify and build your user base. Your target audience will become clearer as a result. For instance, think about hiring an iOS developer if the US, Australia, or Japan are your target markets. Android is dominating the market in Asia and Africa, though. Thus, circumstances may vary depending on the nation. You can engage an Android developer to help you further if your consumer base is primarily Asian or African.


Return on investment is another point to consider before choosing an app platform. You must be interested in finding out which platform has the largest audience who spends the most money on apps. This data can be useful for your ROI. 

User experience

One characteristic of successful mobile applications is that they achieve the objectives of the users. A mobile app’s UX also affects how well-known it is. The user experience is the deciding factor. It determines whether a user will use your app again, remove it, or give it a low rating. An effective application fulfils needs that are not met by products on the market. Therefore, competition analysis, the creation of workable goods, and market validation testing should all be part of UX.

Determine the support devices

Building an app which supports multiple devices is not an easy task so we should also consider this point.  Here is a stat you can consider before reaching any conclusion. According to Statcounter Global Stat report, in 2022, the market share of mobile operating system worldwide is Android (71.94%), iOS (27.49%), Samsung (0.33%), KaiOS (0.07%), Window (0.02%), and Unknown (0.11%). 

Understand What to Offer

Choose your features and needs first. They are reliant on the platform’s capabilities and constraints. The functionalities as well as the user experience need to be finalized. Compare the outcomes with a certain platform after that. The finest options for creating bespoke Native Apps are iOS and Android. You may employ an iOS developer who has the necessary expertise to create iOS apps if you want to use iOS. Excellent usability and user experience are provided by native apps. But take into account cross-platform development if you’re seeking for a program that would support numerous operating systems.

Understand development costs

Yes, making financial investments is necessary to develop successful apps. However, your contribution amount can grow once app development gets underway. The cost of development may change between platforms. For instance, when it comes to corporate software, Apple is more expensive than Android. So, if you’re seeking for a cost-effective solution, employ an Android developer and begin developing your app. Your costs might increase even if there are new regulations or changes to the ones that already exist. Therefore, estimate an approximate development cost that includes additional development costs.

Third-Party Integration Evaluation

The most crucial component of mobile app development services is third party integration. Platforms ought to support private integration of third-party technologies. If you’re having trouble with picture loading or highlight difficulties, for instance, you may utilize third-party libraries with Android. The back-end and delivery mechanisms already in place should be expanded by this combination. Developers are able to create apps that enable mobile application administration in this way. Similar to how there are several libraries available for integration in iOS programming. You might choose to hire a specialist iOS developer for more help with third-party connections.

You should take into account the above ideas as they will undoubtedly assist you in selecting the best mobile app development platform for your subsequent development Endeavour. 

At, App boxer, we understand the importance of our client’s businesses and the people they serve, and we enable them to design quick, flexible, and future-oriented apps that help them flourish and remain ahead of the competition. After years of experience working with Android apps, our team is equipped to manage the fragmentation issues and complexity of Android products and software.

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