7 Free Book Marketing Tools for Authors

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A book needs a story that can keep the readers engaged. Needless to say, launching a book is the first step to do that. When delivering a book, the author must pay attention to reach the right audience. Receiving reviews from the audience can be considered as a part of success when an author launches a book. Here are 7 Free Book Marketing Tools for authors that will help them promote their work without spending a penny.

While launching a book, an author must reach the audience with the compelling promise of engaging work.  It is said that if self-written material is published, it is the starting of the launching of one’s brand. And this requires a marketing strategy and promotion. The authors will also remain motivated when their work gets discussed and reviewed by people.

Availability of the book on the internet welcomes feedback that can either be positive or negative and hence it makes the book gain publicity. The readers like to discuss the books in reviews, which results in indirect marketing.

In the age of the internet, where one can reach out to the maximum number of audiences with just a few clicks, many tools help in the promotion of the author’s written work. Here are 7 Free Book Marketing Tools for authors that will help them promote their work without spending a penny.

7 Free Book Marketing Tools for authors



The major impact on the reader is through the cover page of the book and it also forms the first impression. An interesting cover compels the readers to read further.

This software helps in designing the cover page. It also helps in creating the book promo images which might help in evoking curiosity in the reader’s mind about the book and ultimately make them read it.

This software is available online and so it doesn’t even require downloading. The best part of Canva is its simplicity and capability to deliver great results in less time.

Facebook Groups

facebook groups

Facebook being one of most used social media platforms, forming groups in it is a great way of highlighting your work to everyone out there. These groups act as a word of mouth.

As a promotion, these Facebook groups create an event that helps remind people of the group by showcasing it on the timeline. It also helps in stating the number of people that are interested in joining the event. The authors get an estimate of the popularity of their writing material.

Creating a page helps the readers to post their reviews on the page while making it easy for other people to make a choice.

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It is a tool that helps to create the mails by designing the mailing templates in bulk and sending them to the readers. It is highly recommended as one easily gets the mailing list.

This tool is easy to reach. Also, email marketing is very much in use these days. It is free for the first 2000 subscribers and is chargeable after that for advanced features such as automation.



Evernote works as the notepad or sticky notes for the phones. This is an application software that will help the authors to compile the notes. It majorly gained its popularity as it is easy to carry and one can refer to it anytime.

In case there is something to be noted, a note can be made of it and saved and that goes on the web. The best part of Evernote is that it is available for free.


For busy authors, skitch is an ideal tool, it resembles Evernote in its tasks but is easier to reach and use. While in Evernote one can write or draw with fingers, skitch is a step ahead that enables us to take screenshots and share them.

This is best used when any link is to be shared, for marketing. As one can take the screenshot, and send it after marking with copy edits. This is also a handy way to share the event with the teams and on the web.

It is also available as part of Evernote. The basic features do not cost anything to the user, however, if they wish to avail premium features then it is chargeable.



Nowadays, there are many social media websites that prove to be a great marketing platform for authors. While the book has been written, sharing some of its snapshots on social media can help in reaching out to the curious and eagerly waiting audience through multiple social media platforms.

Instagram and Twitter invite such snapshots and posts through a common account for all the social media platforms. This is not only helps in saving time but also increases the frequency of the posts.

The busy writers find it an absolute boon in their busy schedule, as it makes the postings through a central account for all the social media platforms.

Blog Topic Generator

To start reading an article or any book, anyone would start with the title. Those books tend to find a greater audience which has an interesting and engaging title or a heading.

Blog topic generator helps in generating five interesting titles that can be used for books. Titles and the names act as attention grabbers and grab the attention of the readers ultimately leading to indirect marketing


For any material to be popular in the market, that is, for a reader to actually buy it, the promotion and marketing need to be carried out in such a way that it seeks the attention of the public, making them curious about the content ahead of them.

Marketing strategies thus require to hit directly in the mind of the customer. When it is about readers, generating curiosity should be the first aim. Curiosity leads to the eagerness of reading more and more. This can either be done by an engaging book cover page, the title, or the snapshots of the beginning verse. Engaging the readers is the most important part of getting the book reviewed.

The right approach for marketing helps in increasing the number of readers and the above-mentioned tools help in the marketing of the books and that too completely free. A great audience serves as motivation for the authors and this in turn pushes them to deliver great work in future assignments.

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