The Best Tactics to Implement While Promoting Your Own ICO

Marketing Strategies for ICO

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Marketing Strategies for ICO: ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) has grown into a multi-billion dollar sector now. It is also popularly known as token sales or token generation. It has restructured the process of fundraising forever. Stiff competition is experienced by startups these days when they advertise an ICO. Hence, it is important to deploy a result-oriented ICO marketing strategy while showcasing a utility token. A sincere story is needed to encourage investors to put their money into your project wholeheartedly. 

Some of the Impactful Techniques to Use in ICO Promotion Are 

  • Influencer marketing – Using influencer marketing will raise the practicality and feasibility of the project to a new level. Influencers are respected thought leaders in a particular niche and are popular for delivering expert opinions. They improve the reach of a blockchain project and build trust among the prospective investors.  Influencers are commonly found on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Marketing Strategies for ICO, the marketing campaign for influencers should revolve around explaining the use of the coin or token, the problem that it aims to solve, the technology used for executing the project, and other details related to the token sale. It relies more on capturing the imagination of the audience through visual representation. 
  • Public relations – A solid PR strategy is essential to boost the awareness of the ICO project. While marketing your ICO, media coverage is a must. A marketer should check how similar blockchain businesses have completed their token sales. The type and quantity of the content that the business circulated when the ICO was live should be taken into account. The publicity strategy formulated must align with the expectations of the investors. The marketers must sit and chalk out a winnable strategy with the project’s core developers. The USP of the project must be highlighted clearly. Sharing press releases with the leading media outlets, holding conferences, conducting interviews, and organizing events are some of the ways of doing good PR while promoting your own ICO
  • Involving in airdropping – Airdropping consists of distributing freebies such as free tokens to the prospective investors. The target audience will receive information about the airdrop via the firm’s social media posts and popular forums such as Bitcointalk. Airdropping helps in enhancing the hype of the project. It not only markets the project well but also pushes the market cap of the crypto space to a new high. 
  • Promote ICO aggressively via social media platforms – Some of the social media networks where an ICO must be marketed are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, Quora, and Slack. Individual pages or channels must be created for implementing the ICO marketing strategy. The targeted audience must be given engaging and positive content about the ICO. Specialized social media experts must be hired for the task. Different kinds of information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, token generation, ICO’s, and digital assets can be shared.  
  • Take part in affiliate marketing – It is basically a performance-based program where an external partner earns a commission for delivering a specific result to an advertiser. It can be in the form of a new user getting registered on the platform, a fully finished lead form, or even a fresh newsletter subscription. The rewards will be distributed only for generating a sale and for clicks and conversions. It offers a plethora of benefits as the overall marketing costs get reduced and the saved capital can be instead used in refining the final product. It brings in a lot of transparency to the crypto world. 
  • Indulge in email marketing – Email messages can be sent to the target audience directly pitching all the details about token sales and products or services. It should meet the expectations of two types of audience, those who have adequate knowledge of cryptos, and those who do not know even the basic difference between Bitcoin and blockchain. An email list must be established by creating an opt-in/ sign-up form. 
  • Keep your website updated – Since the website acts as a resource for authentic information to promote your ICO, it should be updated with the current news of your project and the company. Ensure that the website is SEO-friendly to rank high in the search engine result pages of Google and Bing. 
  • Utilize ICO rating services – Marketing Strategies for ICO, TheICO marketing strategy can be implemented on the leading ICO calendars like ICOdrops, ICObench, and ICOmarks, and ICOalert. The most relevant details of the project would be shared to different investors whenever needed. 

At the end of the day, unique insights should be offered during ICO advertising to the potential investors to ensure good reasons to invest. ICO Development is the new form of seed funding giving stiff competition to other alternatives like IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings), private equity and venture capital. Digital currencies will soon become an integral part of mainstream financial transactions. It is an egalitarian model of fundraising for startups aspiring to grow in the market. 

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