How to Make Your Office Reception Area to Impress Your Clients

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Businesses aiming to get a good first impression from their clients and visitors must invest in a well-designed reception area. It is also the first spot in the office every employee pass through every day. Therefore, it must set the right tone for the rest of the workday. Because of this, you must invest in sleek yet functional reception desks and other furniture pieces for the reception bay.

But building a good reception area can be challenging. First, you need to ensure that the space will represent the vibe your company aims for. So here are some useful tips to decorate the reception zone of your office.

1. Consider Your Space

The reception area depends on the size of the company. Big corporations can allot a large space to receive all their guests and clients. On the other hand, small businesses often have cramped and limited space for their reception bay.

But no matter how big or small the office is, you can still make the space look spacious and bright. You may begin by getting rid of all the clutter and unnecessary furnishings to free up the room. You also need to look for furniture that suits the size of your reception bay. For example, the reception desk is appropriate to your floor area. You may also pick white reception desks to make the room look airy and bright.

2. Pick the Right Color

Using the right shade for your reception area is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to decorate your reception bay.

Studies found that colors affect corporate branding. So choose the right color for your reception space, depending on how you want your employees and clients to see you. For example, if you want your clients to feel welcomed in your office, you need to use warm and cheerful colors like red and yellow. On the other hand, if you’re going to exude a calm vibe, you can have the area painted with neutral colors.

You can add more accents like a brightly-colored desk for a playful vibe or a cool and calming reception table if you want a chic yet subdued ambiance.

3. Install the Right Light

Most offices are equipped with boring, harsh fluorescent light. While this option is necessary to help employees see whatever they need to do properly, it does not add any aesthetic value to the room.

Since you want your reception space to look better, you can change the lighting fixtures in that area. Natural light is often more welcoming than artificial light, so arrange the desk and other furniture to let the natural light in.

If the space has no adequate natural light, you may invest in light bulbs that replicate daylight. You may also experiment with different light shades to see what suits best in the space.

Bonus tip: Use Functional Furniture

The furniture you will buy for the reception area must be appropriate for your business. If you provide professional services, you need to find comfortable but business-like furnishings. The design of the reception desk must be clean and sleek. On the other hand, you may look for more stylish and trendy desks if your business offers creative services. It will let your clients see a glimpse of your company’s personality.

Fixing your company’s reception space can give your office a much-needed facelift. You only need to find the right style, color scheme, and furnishings to help achieve your goals.

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