How to Fix Magento 2 500 Internal Server Error on the Website?

Magento 2 500 Internal Server Error

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If you are familiar with the hosting environment, Magento 2 500 internal server error is usual. The error generally occurs when you install, upgrade or remove several Magento components, including themes, patches, and plugins. You can also face the issue while installing Magento. For instance, if you are installing or upgrading Magento, in the meantime, an error can occur. Also, the glitch can happen during the system backup procedure. 

But why do you need to avoid such glitches? Does it affect your website? Yes, you need to immediately fix the Magento server error as it causes the store to experience a decline in traffic. Also, such glitches prevent the users from getting the ultimate experience from your website. That is why you need to fix the Magento server error as soon as possible. How? Scroll on the page to know the effective methods.

How to Repair Magento 2 500 Internal Server Error

Before knowing the solutions, you should first comprehend the possible reasons for this Magento server error. Generally, permission problems or memory limitations cause such issues to occur. 

Other than these common problems, sometimes issues with .htaccess files or missing extensions can raise the Magento server error. Also, if the Magento maintenance mode stays enabled, it can show Magento internal server glitch. 

So, below we have penned down the ways to fix such errors so that your website runs like a cheetah. But, before repairing the glitch, you should first enable the developer mode. Only then, you get more insights into the Magento internal server error. Now, read on the following points to know more.

Do Some Changes in the File Permission

Whenever you try to log into the admin panel, chances are you might face a Magento server error. Most people face this issue while entering the admin login panel. If you feel in the same boat, changing the file permission can help you in this scenario. 

You need permission for the index.php files from 664 to 644. Then, if you run the command successfully, you can repair the 500 internal server error Magento 2.

Increasing Memory Limits will also Help

A top eCommerce website design Toronto company suggests, several times a particular page of the Magento 2 store shows 500 internal server errors after the Magento 2 install. The page resembles the general checkout page or the product page. Fortunately, you can repair the fix by elevating the memory limit of the .htaccess or php.ini file. But, if you do not have the hosting permission, you cannot change it by yourself. In that scenario, you need to connect with your hosting provider to make the changes. 

But, if you have the hosting permission, input the following code line for the .htaccess file-

php_value memory_limit 1024M

Also, the code line for increasing the memory limitation of the php.ini file is-

memory_limit = 1024M

Edit or Erase the .htaccess File

Sometimes, the incorrect settings of the .htaccess file can create the Magento server error. In that scenario, renaming or erasing the .htaccess file can repair the error and make your website run smoother. So, try to rename the file to fix the glitch. You can also try to remove the .htaccess file to check whether the error gets repaired or not. 

If renaming or removing the .htaccess file still does not fix the Magento 2 500 internal server error, the problem is something else. In that scenario, you can check whether the root of the problem is some PHP version issue or any configuration problem.

Disabling the Maintenance Mode can Help

If you put the maintenance.flag file in the root folder of Magento, the maintenance mode can get enabled. But, the maintenance mode changes the index.php file permission. That is why the situation makes the web browser unable to execute correctly. Fortunately, you can repair this glitch by removing the maintenance.flag file. 

Also, you need to run the command-

php bin/magento maintenance:disable

Now, you need to update the permission of the index.php file to 755. Then, clear all the cache and junk files to examine whether the glitch has got repaired or not.


The Magento 2 500 internal server error is so common that anyone can smoothly fix the matter. So, you do not need to panic about the issue. Instead of sweating out of fear, start finding the real cause behind the error. Selecting the cause of a problem can lead you to the appropriate solution. We hope our blog can help you fix the glitch.

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