Things you need to know before buying a laptop for gaming

laptop for gaming

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Laptop for gaming: In recent months, the gaming and computer industry has gotten pretty much revenue due to the rise in demand for video games and gaming systems. One of the reasons is being told about the spread of COVID 19. Because most of the people prefer to stay homes. And therefore, they are buying computers and laptops not to get bored at home.

But what sort of computer do you need for gaming? What things do you need to consider when buying a gaming computer or laptop? These are some questions, that likely click in your mind when buying a computer or laptop. So, here we have brought a guide regarding some of the most important features and specifications of computers. Which are of paramount importance for the speed, efficiency, and performance of any computer.

In this article, we have tried you answer these questions. And which enables you to choose the right computer with any further help.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive in!

Things you need to know before buying a gaming computer:

There are certain things, you need to check, in order to decide the proficiency, and performance of a computer.

Processor: (CPU)

Processor or CPU is the paramount component of any computer or laptop. This basic element decides the overall processing speed of any computer. If the computer has the latest CPU. It means that it is more capable of handling heavy software and games.

Currently, the most advanced CPU is my intel. It is a core i9 11thGen processor. Which are available rarely on any computer. However, most of the graphics intensive games like COD or CSGO recommends the CPU type of core i7 7th Gen processor. Any computer or laptop having this version of the processor can run high-end games as smooth as silk.

And the minimum requirement of most of the games is an intel core i5 5th Gen processor. If you haven’t enough money. So, computers with this range are also sufficient laptop for gaming.

Graphics Card: (GPU)

The second most important thing, on any computer, is the graphics card. The fundamental purpose of a graphics card is to run high-resolution games and software smoothly. As the more graphics-intensive is the software, it will need more power to run it seamlessly. And here the use of graphics cards helps the computer to handle the pressure to a great extend.

The most powerful graphics card now in the market is Nvidia GTX Titan Z. Which is used in the world’s more hardcore games. and also in heavy software and programs like Maya 3D, CGI, 3DS Max, and so on. But this could be a lot more expensive for most gamers.

And now, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, one of the best graphics cards for Minecraft like games. And also significantly at a lower price than the above one.

RAM:(Random Access Memory)

RAM is also one of the important PC components. However, the RAM is used to handle the multitasking on the PC. If you open so many pages at a time on your computer. And the page starts lagging or stuck. It means that RAM in the PC isn’t enough.

The RAM for casual gaming is about 16GB. However, 8GB of RAM is also enough for most of the games. And if you are buying a PC for gaming. So, it is better to buy one with 16GB of RAM. However, changing or upgrading the RAM isn’t so complicated.


you may think, that storage doesn’t have a relation with the speed of the PC. But in fact, it has! The more space of the hard drive can significantly improve the performance of any computer or laptop.

Moreover, there are two types of hard drives in the market. The usual one is the HDD (harddrive desk). And the new one is the SDD(solid-state drive).

SSD’s are much more faster and efficient than HDDs. and also expensive. SDD uses laser technology, while the HDD uses the usual desk method to store and process data. And therefore, SSDs are several times faster. And nowadays, also most gaming systems come with SSD instead of HDD.


Nowadays, there is a trend of using water cooling systems in computers. And also the use of various other components to keep the system cool and noiseless. moreover, different lighting elements are used to make the PC more attractive. But out of those additional elements, the water cooling system is a bit important. and the rest things only increase the price of the PC. And usually, the CPU doesn’t get hot if placed in the right place. And therefore, the use of a water cooling system isn’t much important too.

And as the monitor of the laptop is concerned. It is good to buy a monitor having anti eyes strain technology. So that taking more time on the PC shouldn’t negatively affect the eyes. Especially the eyes of kids.

Bottom Line:

The most important specifications of a PC has been discussed above clearly. So, whenever you plan to buy any gaming PC. Keep these things in mind according to the purpose of the PC. And buying a PC especially for gaming should have high specs too. So, lastly don’t forget to tell us, that how this guide helped to choose the right laptop for gaming.

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