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Jonah Engler

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If you are a student reading this then you will understand the importance of mindfulness in life. In other words, mindfulness can be described as being focussed or attentive. Most students find it difficult to focus on their studies effectively at the right time and this ends up in a lot of wasted hours. While they may be spending an hour with a book there is nothing learnt nor much movement from the page they started from. This is why Jonah Engler speaks about the importance and of mindfulness in life along with tips on how to improve it in life.

What Is Mindfulness For Beginners

You may be a student of higher studies or even a professional who has just started out on the path of his career. In both cases focussing on your goals is very important and crucial for success. There are times when individuals work hard but are unable to gain success. The reason behind this could be a lack of focus on the real issues that need to be addressed.

  • Mindfulness is all about gaining a better control over the mind
  • It allows you to remember your real goals in life
  • Mindfulness helps you to stay focussed on the work you are doing and finish it with complete success
  • When a task is completed successfully it ensures good results, that will naturally bring forth greater peace and satisfaction within oneself
  • Lack of success can lead to an unsettled mind with a lot of inward disturbances that further retards progress in life

Understanding the importance of mindfulness can also help understand the need to bring a cure for your mind if you lack focus.

What Happens When You Lack Mind Control

A lack in mind control means a lack of mindfulness which has serious effects on the personal and professional lives of individuals.

  • Inability to control your mind leads to lack of attention to the work at hand
  • You will not be able to study or work with the required attention and focus and constantly engage in fruitless thoughts and imaginations
  • This can lead to lowered grades and failures on many accounts
  • Anxiety and fear of failure will develop after repeated failed attempts to be successful
  • Inability to focus and be attentive leads to disturbed personal relationships as well
  • Loss of realistic thinking and perspectives are results of the lack of mindfulness
  • Time management will be impossible with a fleeting and wandering mind which results in a great deal of mental disturbance
  • Lack of focus can also lead to loss of memory with time and age

Ways To Improve Mindfulness

There are various ways to improve mindfulness. One of the most popular means of achieving mind control is meditation. Jonah Engler has always advocated the importance of meditation and exercises as a means of improving mindfulness.

  • Meditation is a process of inward reflections. As you close your eyes and focus on the darkness within there is a gradual shift of the mind’s attention
  • Your mind gradually with practise can come to a standstill that brings a lot of relaxation and calmness within
  • This state of calmness helps to stop the fleeting thoughts that interferes with your work or even your attention while you are studying
  • Practising meditation on a daily basis will be like an exercise for the mind on and you will see a marked improvement in your control of the present
  • Your mind will stay focused where you put your eyes into and not wander off  
  • The mind will focus wholeheartedly on the present subject of attention and not think of the past or even the future
  • Yoga and other forms of exercises is very helpful in supporting meditation. It helps to balance the blood circulation and overall strength of the body, strengthening of the muscles and nerves that in turn helps to support the mind and brain in focussing
  • Improving your diet will also help in correcting physical imbalances. Lack of appetite or toxic deposits can affect metabolism and a general healthiness of the body
  • Drinking a lot of fresh water will help immensely in keeping the body free of toxins
  • Always take a long walk sometimes and preferable in a natural environment
  • Spending quality time with pet animals and activities of choices like music or gardening help to relax the mind and make you happier

How Is Mindfulness Helpful

There are many ways mindfulness can bring about a positive change in the lives of students and professionals who struggle in this sphere very often.

  • Being mindful will bring greater focus on the present work at hand and help to complete that with success.
  • Time management is an important outcome of mindfulness. There are often target set by students when it comes to studies and revision of their studies. However, a lack of mindfulness can mean incomplete studies and inability to revise completely.
  • Success very often eludes those who are unable to focus on their present and fulfil duties and responsibilities on time. This is easily achievable if you can succeed in gaining better control over your mind and focus on the immediate and more important things of life.
  • Mindfulness can bring about greater success and ability to overcome fear of failure and inability to succeed.

Remembering That Its Your Mind

The human mind has always been known to be a complex area of study for many years. Psychoanalysts work hard to understand the several layers of the brain and the mind that works differently for different people.

As far as mindfulness is concerned, it affects people differently. In the same situation one person may have a wandering mind while the other may have perfect attention span and focus.

It is not at all difficult to control your mind and bring it to work for your benefit and to your advantage. Its your mind at the end of the day. However, it is with diligence you need to meditate and exercise regularly to ensure that you achieve the desired results with your mind.

Achieving Mindfulness Through Daily Life

Make the attempts to achieve complete mindfulness a part of your daily routine. Do not make special preparations for them but include these activities as a regular lifestyle work like other things you do daily. Only that way can you bring about regularity in meditation and focusing your mind on controlling itself better.


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