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Air Security Device

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Humans are living beings who need oxygen to survive. In our atmosphere, oxygen is present in the air along with several other gases, where it accounts for only 21% of the air. In contrast, Nitrogen accounts for 78% of the atmosphere and a small percentage of other gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and other gases.

However, with the increasing pollution, the air quality is degrading, and so is the oxygen content in the air. The polluted air contains many other chemical components and a mixture of additional compounds that can harm humans and the environment. 

The need for an air security device has risen in recent years with the deteriorating atmosphere and rising pollution-induced health issues. This guide will help you understand how an air purifier can be a life-saving as well as a life-changing device for you. 

Why Is There A Need For An Air Security Device?

Life-changing Gadget

Due to the detrimental effects of air pollution on living beings, air security has been a grave concern in recent times. It is pertinent that humans breathe in the fresh air and not intoxicated air full of chemical substances.

When oxygen content in the air is low, people find it difficult to breathe and thus face various lung-related problems. Therefore, the air needs to be safe and sanitised, ensuring people don’t inhale the air full of toxins, which might potentially cause respiratory diseases.  Moreover, due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, people were forced to Work From Home (WFH), which necessitated that the indoor air should also be free from pollution as regularly going out to feel the fresh breeze was not feasible.

However, according to research by the US EPA, there is scientific evidence indicating that indoor air is even more severely polluted than the outside air. This is especially common in industrial and metropolitan cities, where people spend at least 90% of their time indoors.

But how’s it possible? Various sources of air pollution are ordinarily found in enclosed spaces like homes and offices. Causes of indoor air pollution are paints, varnishes, heaters, cookstoves, and cooking residue. Yes! It is indeed shocking. 

It is often said that indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outside air. Therefore, ensuring that the indoor air is clean and safe is of utmost importance. This issue made the role of air purifiers extremely critical. Air purifiers primarily ensure that air present indoors is free from dust particles and other air contaminants.

So, What Is The Solution To This Problem?

Life-changing Gadget

For us to breathe clean and fresh air, indoor or outdoor, the air has to be pure and pristine with optimal oxygen content. 

Breathing in stale and polluted air is bad for one’s health as there is poor air circulation in closed spaces, which leads to the accumulation of toxins and harmful particles in the atmosphere.

To solve this grave issue, intelligent air security systems like Tenshield enhance the air quality to create a safe and secure environment for oneself and their loved ones. These air security systems assist in keeping the air clean and serve as an effective step to reduce indoor air pollution. 

Air security systems like Tenshield use a technology whereby negative ions are released in huge numbers to neutralise the positively charged atoms and, in the process, make them too heavy so that they can’t stay in the air for long.

Negative ions in such technology have various benefits like improving oxygen flow to the brain, increased alertness, mitigating sleepiness, and enhanced mental energy.

Air security systems can be installed in several enclosed indoor spaces like homes, corporate offices, religious places, health and fitness centre, medical centres, hotels and restaurants, industries and factories, educational institutions, theatres and auditoriums, spas and salons, and even inside the flight, ships and other public transportation.

Why Use Air Security Systems?

Air security systems and solutions provide a relaxing and pollution-free atmosphere similar to that experienced in natural settings like beaches, mountains, and waterfalls.

Life-changing Gadget

The devices used in air security systems are often portable, compact, filterless, and consume less power. They have an air quality indicator showing real-time air quality data with live IoT-based monitoring. Some are even USB powered and have adaptive displays.

Moreover, air security systems help protect indoor spaces by mitigating the transfer of viruses, removing pungent smells and odours, and eliminating microbes, moulds, and fungus. These systems have sensors for manual as well as automatic time controls for easy accessibility.

As they are easy to plug and use with zero recurring cost, air security systems provide an excellent way to keep air indoors purified to ensure air security.


Oxygen is one of the necessities of a man. For this very reason, the air must be clean and sterilised. Therefore, indoor air pollution is something about which we need to take stringent actions to curb and control.

Air security systems ensure that the indoor air, which is more polluted than the outdoor air due to limited space and closely packed pollutants, is cleansed and fresh. Air security solutions are a complete package that, once installed, provide live air quality monitoring. They work using ionisation technology which helps purify the air indoors so everyone can breathe in the fresh air.

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