The Importance of Impact Investment Measurement in Digital Marketing

Investment management in digital marketing
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Impact metrics are the measurements of the impact of an investment in digital marketing. Metrics are used to determine that investment is successful or not. Importance of impact Investment Measurement in digital marketing is discussed in this article.

Investors should consider using these metrics to evaluate the success of their investments in digital marketing. However, they should not use them as the only metric to judge the success of an investment. Further, it may be challenging to collect data for investment with inadequate governance and legal frameworks in some cases. In these cases, personal connections and on-the-ground knowledge are needed. In the early stage of a company development, managing equity in a spreadsheet can an issue. Many companies nowadays are switching to things like cap table software to keep their track of ownership, stocks, notes and everything else

If the investor does not have the capacity to assess the impact of their investments, then they should not require the investor to report on the impact metrics.

. Social Value

Social value is defined as the positive effect of an investment on people’s well-being, including economic, environmental, and societal aspects.

. Output Value

Output value refers to the financial return generated by the company.

. Residual Value

Residual value is the long-term benefit of an investment to society and environment.

. Probability of Success

Probability of success is the likelihood that an investment will generate a positive outcome.

. Discount Rate

Discount rate is the percentage of the expected future cash flows that investors expect to receive over time.

. Time Horizon

Time horizon is the length of time over which an investor expects to receive returns.

Internal Capacity for Impact Learning and Assessment

The internal capacity for impact learning means that the investor has the knowledge and skills necessary to learn about the impact of their investments. The internal capacity for impact assessment means that the investor has enough information to make decisions about what actions to take based on the results of their impact assessments.

Deciding How to Measure That Impact

There are many ways to measure the impact of an investment, including financial returns, social returns, environmental impacts, and others. Each way of measuring the impact of an investment has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the investor should choose the measurement method that best fits their goals.

Impact Investing

Impact investing in digital marketing is a relatively new concept that aims to make investments that have positive social and environmental impacts. These types of investments are refer as “impact” or “social” or “responsible” investing. The coined in 2006 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The goal of impact investing is to create financial returns while having a positive impact on society.

Value of Impact Investing

The value of impact investing is difficult to measure due to its nature. There is no standard way to calculate the value of impact investing, and different people use different methods. One method is to look at the return on investment (ROI) of the company. A third method is to look at whether the project is meeting its goals.

 Types of Impact Investments

There are three major categories of impact investing:

a. Equity Investments

b. Debt Investments

c. Hybrid Investments

 Equity Investments

Equity investments are those where the investor owns shares in the company. An example of an equity investment would be buying stock in a company. The investor receives dividends and voting rights if they own the company.

 Debt Investments

Debt investments are those where the investors borrow money from banks or other lenders to fund their projects. These loans are paid on time with interest.

Measurement Methodology

The first step in measuring impact is to determine what type of impact you want to measure.

There are 3 types of impact:

  • Financial
  • Social
  • Environmental

 Financial Impact

Financial impact is measured by calculating the amount of money received or spent. This includes donations, grants, investments, and any other monetary transactions.

Social Impact

Social impact is measured by calculating how many people were helped, harmed, educated, or inspired. This includes volunteerism, employment opportunities, and any other positive or negative interactions between stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Environmental Impact

Environmental impact is measured by calculating carbon emissions, water consumption, and other environmental factors.


This article will discuss several important considerations for measuring impact Investment Measurement in digital marketing. Investors should first focus on their investee companies, which are arguably the most important stakeholder groups.

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