Marketing Triggers as a Way to Increase Social Media Sales

increase social media sales
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The Internet space is an effective environment for many businesses. All online entrepreneurs face the following challenges: increasing conversions and sales, eliminating barriers and objections, and accelerating the sales cycle. They start with the ability to buy followers on Instagram and other social networks and end with raising capital for targeted advertising. In this article, we will look at a free method to increase sales using psychological triggers.

What are psychological triggers?

Triggers are techniques that produce predictable responses in a person.  There are several dozen triggers in human behavior and, as a rule, they are associated with survival instincts. Use of psychological triggers should not be used for manipulation, but to allow a person to effectively perceive your information and remove obstacles.

Even if a person needs your product, he tends to put it off until later. This is a protective reaction of our brain that interferes with the person himself, because by postponing he does not solve his problems.

The next factor associated with consumer reactions is rejection. Any price seems high to a person, even if it is acceptable on the market. In order to enter into a rational dialog with a person, we must overcome these artificial barriers.

How to ensure effective interaction with the audience using psychology?

Social proof is one of the best-known psychological principles. It says that in order for a person to make a certain decision, it is important for him to see that other people have made this. On social networks, we show social proof in the form of reviews, cases, numbers of our business. For example, how many projects we have implemented, how many years on the market our company exists, how many clients we have. At the early stages of promoting a profile, people increase visual indicators and for example, buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments. Thus, they increase the level of trust for a person and remove the initial alertness and tension.

A mutual exchange is a psychological principle that states that if we give a person some value, a person is inclined to answer us in the same way. For example, we run a free webinar as part of the main content part. If a person liked it, then he will be inclined to watch the selling part of the webinar. On social media, we deliver value through content. On the one hand, a person understands our expertise, on the other hand, a mutual exchange occurs and a person will be inclined to accept the offer.

The next principle is confirmation by authority. Man is designed in such a way that the brain tries to optimize everything.  If an authoritative person recommends a service, the audience is inclined to trust him more.

The scarcity trigger is an effective way to speed up the decision-making process. If the resource for something is limited, then the interest in it becomes much greater, the significance of this proposal increases. This is a  strong instinct to belong to the majority.

Whichever triggers you choose, they make sales more efficient and facilitate communication.

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