Steps to Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird on Mac OS

import MBOX Files to Thunderbird
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As Thunderbird widely supports MBOX file format and is easy to use email client. Many users with MBOX files often search for different ways to import MBOX Files to Thunderbird. Well, importing MBOX files to Thunderbird on Mac is not an easy task as it does not support importing these files directly. 

Still, there is no need to worry, as in this tutorial we will share some common ways to add MBOX files in Thunderbird. First, we will discuss a native approach to accomplish the process. Thereafter we will proceed to the expert solution to complete the migration process efficiently.

Reasons to Import MBOX to Thunderbird

There can be several reasons to import MBOX Files to Thunderbird, below we are stating some common reasons.  

  • MBOX files can be easily accessed in the Thunderbird email application. 
  • Thunderbird is more flexible than other email clients to support MBOX files. 
  • It offers high protection of files, including spam filters, firewalls, and antivirus.
  • This provides encryption of messages, which makes it a secure option for storing important files in it.

After going through the reasons, it’s time to move on to the frequently asked user query.

How to Import MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird?

Well, to answer this question, we are starting a native approach first. After that, we will move on to the professional method, where we use a professional MBOX Converter for Mac

Native Approach to Import MBOX Files to Thunderbird

In order to open the MBOX file in Thunderbird, we will first import the MBOX files into Apple Mail on Mac, after that we will import the Apple Mail email to Thunderbird. Go through each step to complete the process quickly and easily. 

Step 1: Import MBOX email to Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail on your Mac Machine and create a new mailbox in it. 
  • Next, choose the import MBOX file on Mac option to import the MBOX file to Apple Mail. 
  • On the accomplishment of this process, now in the next step, we will import the data from Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

Step 2: Add MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird on your Mac Mchine. 
  • Click on the Menu Icon >>Tools >> Import option.
  • Here, select the Mail option and click Nex.
  • Select the Apple Mail option and click next.
  • You should be able to see here all the Apple Mail MBOX data in Thunderbird under the folder Apple Mail Import. 

Using these steps. we can open MBOX files in Thunderbird Mac. It is a multi-step process, hence it is time-consuming, and has some drawbacks.

Drawbacks of the Native Method

You should consider the drawbacks of the manual method before proceeding with it. 

  • The process is long and repetitive for a large number of MBOX files.
  • You cannot import bulk amounts of MBOX files using this method. 
  • The process is a bit tricky for non-technical users. 
  • This method does provide the choice to exclude attachments during the process.

If you do not want to go through any of these downsides, then you can switch to the below solution. 

Professional Method to Add MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird

MacSonik MBOX Converter Tool is an expert-recommended solution to import MBOX Files to Thunderbird. It easily and quickly import MBOX to Gmail, Yahoo, Office365, Hotmail, and many more email clients. This method will keep the data hierarchy intact during the whole process with high data security. Users can efficiently perform the bulk conversion by having the option to remove duplicate emails. You can simply follow the following steps to get reach the quickest solution. 

Steps to Import MBOX to Thunderbird

  1. Install and Run the MacSonik MBOX Converter Software on your macOS.
  2. Add the MBOX files to import and press Next. 
  3. Tick the required files/folders from the tree structure and click Next.
  4. Select Thunderbird from the Migrate As menu and log in with the required credentials. 
  5. Apply the desired features from the software wizard.
  6. Finally, click on the convert button.


This blog shares the quickest and easiest steps to import MBOX Files to Thunderbird on Mac. The native method might affect the data integrity during the process and will not deliver quick results. The automated method will simplify the whole migration process with utmost data security. Many users opt for the professional method as it delivers accurate results in less time.

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