How to Convert Outlook Email into PDF File?

Convert Outlook Email into PDF File
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It may chance sometimes that you want or need to know how to convert Outlook email into PDF file format. And there could be any reason for that. Since PDF is the greatest portable document format, you can read the emails without necessitating Microsoft Outlook or any particular system or platform. In this blog we will show you how to convert all emails from Outlook to PDF. There’re two approaches to do that: either you can use some free approaches or you can try a professional solution like CubexSoft PST to PDF Converter.

Movability is one of the most significant key features of any computer file. It makes a file reachable to a number of different platforms or systems. If the files are portable or movable, you can smartly carry them from one platform to another via an external drive. But this option is not existing for email files. You can’t carry the single email messages to another system without exporting them into a more portable file format. It saves email files and other items in an Outlook data file, usually known as PST (personal storage table).

Why Need to Move Outlook PST to PDF?

In order to read or open the email messages, you should have installed MS Outlook email client or a PST File Viewer on system. But if you don’t have any of these, you need to export the email messages of PST folder to PDF file format. When you export PST file to PDF file format accurately, one can read the email messages on any platform or device. There could be many reasons behind Outlook emails to PDF conversion. Information sending or sharing, record preserving, preparing evidence for lawsuit and archival drives are some common reasons.

In other elements of Microsoft Office suite like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, there’s an option available to save the document in PDF format. But there’s no such built-in option in any edition of Microsoft Outlook email application

How to Convert PST Files into PDF?

Even though, there is no option to export Outlook emails to PDF in Microsoft Outlook client, you can still try some simple ways here.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro

Through Adobe Acrobat application is the most flexible method but also the most costly app. The Adobe Acrobat software has an Outlook add-in which permits you to save single or multiple emails files into a New PDF file. 

There are a few other options to set capability like:

If you wish to move the attachments in the PDF files or not, and/or you can installed security, encryption, and password settings

Also, there is an option to migrate new email file into PDF files automatically. You require to use the “Setup Automatic Archive” tab and set an interval.

Note: Once you have log in the Adobe Acrobat Pro tool, then it’s wonderful. But if you don’t have setup and you can’t afford it, then you can use the below given solution:

Use PDF Printer

You can save Outlook email files from PST to PDF file by using PDF printer. It’s an effective printer which you can choose in the list of your printers. It creates a PDF file in its place of printing on paper.

For Windows 10 users

If you’re using Win 10, you need to be familiar with a printer named “Microsoft Print to PDF”. You can print your emails to this printer, which offers you an option to the output as PDF file.

Professional Approach – PST to PDF Converter for Windows & Mac OS 

If you have number of bulk email messages in Outlook email client that you need to save as PDF, the above method may take more than sufficient time. It’s only because you are doing all the thing manually. Also, you cannot convert bulk Outlook emails to PDF file at once. In such a circumstance, you should go with the professional approach such as Outlook Converter. It can migrate batch emails from Outlook to PDF in a single conversion procedure with no one issue. The software is easy to utilize by any type of users i.e. technical and non-technical users to easily export Outlook emails into Adobe PDF. 

Convert Outlook Email into PDF File

The PST to PDF Converter is a helpful utility for users who want to know how to export all emails from Outlook to PDF file format. The software is capable to extract all type of details from Outlook PST folder like emails, emails formatting, layout, metadata and attachments in an accurate manner. And it is a Windows based program that supports to run on Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS platforms and Mac OS.

Free Evaluation

Before you purchase the software, you must download its Demo edition for free evaluation. By using the Free PST Converter edition, you can save 25 items from Outlook to PDF including attachments without any cost. Then, you can buy its license key for saving bulk Outlook emails into PDF file format with attachments.

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