How to Choose the Right Development Company?

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The difficulty of choosing a contractor for the development of an IT product is not uncommon today. With all the variety of services provided, the availability of specialized sites where you can hire a team on outsourcing, choosing the right development company is not so easy. The reason is simple – the high dynamics of the development of modern technologies. Today, a number of services for simplifying programming, automating processes and accelerating the production of web applications are evolving so rapidly that it is difficult to find experienced developers for new versions of the product. Experienced dedicated software development teams in this case can be the key to achieving your success.

Programmers are reluctant to switch to new versions. These are specialists who always have something to do, and not everyone will spend time on mastering a new service. The shortage of personnel and outsourcing teams creates a high employment of professionals. Intelligent specialists are invited by Western companies for which the location does not matter. Domestic brands, respectively, remain with empty vacancies.

When an entrepreneur has an original idea and a desire to create a startup, several components are required to implement the plan: resources and performers who can develop the product. To attract investment, you will need to draw up a business plan and find investors. On the issue of development, an outsourced team will be required, which will be interested in the idea. Team engagement is an important detail for startups where the project has not yet been tested and is at the experimental stage.

At the same time, business knows a huge number of examples when a small group of developers was able to reach the world level and challenge IT giants. Ultimately, the uniqueness and perspective of the idea plays a key role. The subsequent stages are also not just formal, but for any business, a commercial idea is the backbone of further efforts.

How to choose a contractor and what to pay attention to first of all?

Low cost doesn’t always equal quality

Filtering contractors by cost will not allow you to determine the best option. Price is a relative factor. As a rule, contractors that lure with a low price are distinguished by the quality of services of the corresponding level.

It is no secret that the development of IT solutions involves a sequence of production stages: analysis, planning, development, testing, official release, marketing and service support. When it comes to lowering the cost, a stripped-down version of cooperation is assumed. The customer is offered to simplify the production stages and dispense, for example, without testing.

Strategic planning and financing

Sometimes it is impossible to do without funding. More than half of the projects go on the back burner due to lack of funds. Yet there are always opportunities. In terms of good presentation, investors want to hear the answer to two key questions: how much they earn and what are the potential risks.

In this case, it is advisable to present the project in the format of a brief, meaningful business plan based on proven hypotheses, expert opinions and “cold” financial miscalculations.

In the practice of cooperation with IT contractors, it is not uncommon for the contractors themselves to be involved in the process of seeking investments if the format of cooperation has moved into the framework of a partnership. But do not rely heavily on the help of developers in finding funds. These are specialists at work, for whom there is always an opportunity to earn money.

Confident contractor – only with references

Experience is not always decisive, but positive practice should not be ignored. Moreover, it is important that the contractor has experience directly in the product niche in which your startup is located. There are some tricks when choosing a contractor in terms of a suitable portfolio. If the customer chooses a contractor on the freelance exchange, you should choose reputable sites where there is moderation and at least some control that prohibits appropriating other people’s work.

It is unlikely that the performer himself will become a plus in karma to pass off other people’s works as his own, but situations when the performer gives out a project with his minimal participation, as an author’s one, are not uncommon.

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