How Past Papers Could Help You Ace the IB Exam

IB Exam

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The International Baccalaureate diploma is one of the most prestigious and comprehensive programs in the world. It’s also no wonder why admission in this program is an all-time high demand for incoming college students. While students considered IB a gateway to successful college life, there is a high-level entry barrier placed on it.Many would say that the IB exam is at par with any higher college crediting programs like AP and ACT.

However, taking the IB program’s exam should feel like taking any other examinations. One way of increasing the winning probability is with the help of IB’s past papers as resource material.

Here’s how past papers can help students pass this gruesome IB exam.

Excellent Resource Material All by Itself

Between the six core courses in IB Diploma, five of these require objective-based knowledge to pass the assessments. Given that mathematics is one of the hardest subjects in the program, the IB program does not give anyone the leeway to ace the exams. This subject is also responsible for a grade lower than five among many of the student’s assessment remarks. 

Without a doubt, there is a great emphasis on learning resources. IB papers answer that call by being a great source of learning material. With previous test papers on hand, students get the chance to acquaint themselves with the test coverage. IB exams are also one of the easiest resource materials to acquire, given how it is readily available on the internet. 

Familiarize With The Test Structure

IB Programs structure their exams differently than AP and SAT. Unlike AP and SAT exams, IB exams consist of two types of assessments. Between the two types, external assessment ironically tests the student’s objective knowledge about the courses. 

Past papers also reveal an obvious trend where external assessments follow a certain test structure. This is under IBO’s policy of rigid test designs. So, while the content of the evaluations updates itself, the examination’s system does not.

This makes past papers from various sources crucial in familiarizing students with how the program structures its questions. The papers allow students to get a better hold of exactly how the assessment administers the questions.

Beneficial in Mock Test Simulations

There are many IB reviewers based on past papers. Better yet, many IB reviewers also simulate the examinations based on the same medium. 

Past papers achieve this realistic simulation because it is an IB assessment—or at least it used to be one. But more importantly, test simulations through past papers improve confidence, effectiveness, and test-proper behaviors. 

Interrelatedness to Internal Assessments 

While external assessments measure the student’s IQ, IB schools use internal reviews that gear towards the application of knowledge. This type of assessment takes form through presentations, fieldwork, and written studies. 

IB past papers conveniently have internal assessments and inclusions within the context. It also works wonders with how students should perform based on the types of activities to finish. With IB’s previous papers, anyone can prepare better for type two assessments.

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