How Do You Make Your Own Instacart Clone App?

Instacart Clone App

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Developing an Instacart Clone App requires an innate understanding of how the online grocery industry works. Being an entrepreneur, your first step must be carefully studying the market, competitors, and the development of the app platform. In this blog, learn about the demands of a modern grocery customer and see how they affect the development of your grocery app at large.


The rise in daily online grocery sales is more than just a temporary boost. It has led to many grocers building partnerships with technology companies to provide new and innovative value propositions to customers. This change in the mindset of modern tech-driven grocery retailers has grown so much that orders have increased by as many as 50 times.

If you are planning to start your own grocery delivery business, start by following in the footsteps of successful companies. There are many of them today, such as Rappi, Uber Eats, Gojek, Instacart, and much more. However, today, the focus is on Instacart and creating its clone from scratch. But first, let’s understand the reason behind the boom in grocery app development.

Why Do Consumers Opt For Online Grocery Deliveries?

Mobile applications have made grocery shopping much easier than before. Because of these apps, modern consumers can now find relatively unknown brands at their convenience. Coupled with attractive offers and surprising coupons, the grocery delivery app far surpasses the benefits that a traditional marketplace offers to its customers.

That is why most local convenience stores have partnered with online delivery partners to satisfy fresh customer demands. Another reason behind the boom of grocery delivery apps among consumers is that they are very simple to use. A lot of the time, the design of the mobile application doesn’t do justice to its user functionality.

Here, the app becomes too feature-centric, and the surrounding design doesn’t generate as much additional attention as the app should deserve. However, this doesn’t necessarily happen in grocery delivery apps, as the UI/UX of the app takes center stage in the grocery delivery process.

The Benefits of Having A Grocery Delivery App-based Business

The modern consumer has become self-reliant. Therefore, delivering fresh groceries has become a basic necessity. Here, the presence of an app sets your business apart by allowing your customers to check, compare, and pay as per their decorum.

Help Customers through Demanding Times

A mobile application rarely comes down for maintenance. That means you can make money from commissions at any moment every time there is a new one placed via your platform. Moreover, your customers can place orders by scrolling through a wide range of grocery platforms that are available. This will increase your business’s brand loyalty as well.

Predictive Data Analysis

On the grocery app itself, every registered customer’s shopping experience is personalized based on their previous orders and search history. In other words, your customers can find relevant products through a wide range of grocery essentials as per their order search history and buying patterns. Coupled with a robust admin panel, you can find useful data and KPIs that will direct your grocery business to new heights.

Ability To Create New Opportunities

Once you have your on-demand delivery business set up, you can focus on delivering food and expand further. With so many different jobs in demand, you can hire just about anyone you want for your next job. This is why there is a huge increase in the demand for multi-service apps being created. Adding a service may not take much time, but in the real world, it means more orders and ultimately more revenue.

Different Revenue Streams

Grocery deliveries are bound to have a serious impact on revenue streams as the app becomes more popular. The most common ones are through a commission that your business earns after helping the grocery store find a new customer. You can charge a market-relevant commission rate from the grocery stores as well for each order they fulfill. You can also introduce subscription plans as well as third-party advertisers in your grocery delivery app.

Reasons To Build An Instacart Clone App For Your Grocery Delivery Needs

If you are starting your own grocery delivery business, you need to have a scalable app in the long run. Unfortunately, creating a grocery delivery app is a very costly affair. From designing a basic home screen layout to integrating advanced in-app features, it takes around 6-12 months to complete the entire process.

After that, the app has to go through multiple testing rounds to ensure that it will pass the required guidelines of the Apple and Google Play Stores. Overall, the entire process takes about 90-95,000 USD to launch the app.

That’s why having an Instacart Clone is the best ally for your online grocery business. Here, clone refers to the app if it resembles and offers similar features to the original app. Therefore, a ‘ready-made’ clone can save the entrepreneur’s time and money, as you don’t have to develop the app from scratch.

Instead of putting in months of work and paying a massive amount of money to a team of developers, you can get a robust, scalable, and secure clone at a fraction of the budget you’ve aimed for. In other words, for less expense, you will get a better-functioning app for your grocery business. Your customer can place the order, track its progress, get updates, and take doorstep delivery without ever having to leave home.


Landing straight into the app development phase and hiring teams of people is not the right approach, as you won’t be able to find answers to the questions you are looking for. As a result, your app will take the blame for it, no matter how much time and money you have put into it. Therefore, it is always advised not to overstep the initial steps, as it will have consequences that could decrease your grocery business valuation.


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