The Impact of AI and Machine Learning on User-Friendly On-Demand Apps

AI and Machine Learning

Last Updated on February 16, 2024 by Team Experts

At the beginning of 2022, AI domination is still making rival changes in everyone’s life. Also, tech enthusiasts and leading tech companies spokespersons said AI is the next era of the internet and people are drastically and intentionally creating involvement with these technologies. For that reason, companies slowly and steadily build their own AI models and introduce AI-based applications such as Lifestyle Mobile Apps, Social Media Mobile Apps, Utility Mobile Apps,

Games/Entertainment Mobile Apps, Productivity Mobile Apps, News/Information Mobile Apps, and, Google Play/App Store Search. At this segment now see the on-demand apps revolution using AI.

The on-demand app companies lot of them have already introduced AI stage-by-stage like improved personalized recommendations, Conversational AI chatbots, Dynamic pricing, automated image recognition, predictive analysis, sentiment analysis, and Malfunction/Fraud deduction.

Influence of AI and ML on On-demand Services Apps

Personalized Recommendation

Usually, a recommendation is an average level in most of the on-demand apps but simultaneously entrepreneurs have to incorporate the AI technology in their on-demand mobile apps. To use this technology to insist on your offerings more aggressively and for your exact customers. In this AI personalization is accurately set for the vacation rental property management software because in your platform vast number of users looking to the property for rental purposes and at some point in time they may be frustrated to go out to their platform. To resolve these problems combine the AI personalized recommendation to your platform that will get better results for your users. Not in that case but it is also applicable to e-commerce businesses, grocery delivery, food delivery apps, and much more.

Dynamic Pricing

Increasing the usage of online purchases makes many businesses dynamically shuffle their product pricing as per required needs. That results in some point in time may vary depending upon the various factors like festival seasons, peak hours, and other reasons. For that reason, startups most often use dynamic pricing in their on-demand apps. For example, using this dynamic pricing are most of the on-demand mobile app development services such as Uber clone, and Instacart clone.

Predictive Analytics

The predictive analysis of AI algorithms is entirely understanding the user behavior patterns and monitoring every user action on the platform more smartly. Although, this model entirely analyzes the massive amount of data, search patterns, and location all of it is redefined to give a better user-intuitive experience for their users. The exact real-life examples of these technology used apps such as Udemy, Netflix, etc. But these two famous apps are predominantly focused and successfully attain better results from this predictive analytics. Apart from that if you are outsourcing the best app developers for your own Udemy clone app development. For that, Appticz is the best option for this process.

Fraud Detection

A lot of hassles have come under fraudulent activities occurring in the on-demand apps such as spam accounts, multiple duplicate accounts, unusual logins, and a lot more. But if you implement this fraud detection firewall that uses Machine learning to process your platform to identify fraudulent activities doing accounts and also prevent all level forfeited activities. Now this feature using on-demand apps is BlaBlaCar, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Are you looking to build your own BlaBlacar Clone app for your ride-sharing business then we are the right enterprise to start your business journey.

Efficient Search and Discovery

The search bar is important for every on-demand app because it gives user-intended results for the app users. At this search and discovery menu, you can implement AI that provides more accurate and user-centric products and suggestions for their clients. For now, using this feature in their application is Urban Company. In this AI-based search to segregate the tons of operational factoring skills, availability, pricing, ratings, and other way attributes to find the optimal plumber, beautician, tutor, or handyman suited to the task.

Dynamic User Interface

AI Dynamic user interface fully works based on the user performing actions because everyone uses on-demand apps for various purposes. Before that UI is changed based on the users by finalized maximum clicks on that app. The perfect example is music streaming apps such as Spotify, and YouTube Music that create tailor-made daily mix playlist songs and keep the listeners in maximum time on these platforms.

Customer Support

A lot of AI Chatbots utilize a Natural language model that can understand the question and analyze the pre-provided data to fetch and get the answers with real-time data. Also that, leveraging that BERT deep learning model that has pre-trained largely and comprehended human queries inaccurately. A real-life example is the Food delivery servicing app Doordash a unique AI bot that understands the customer text to convert it into any preferred language and gives accurate communication with us.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences

AR is also an emerging technology in the On-demand apps. To Utilize this technology to visit your app users can get an immersive experience of your product or services in augmented reality. That also made a good impression created for your business. For example, if you running a successive online clothing store app you experience clothing products virtually using this progressive technology. A lot of use cases with this AR technology in many businesses such as Textile, Furniture, Electronics, other services, etc. Appticz has also featured this technology in recent times, so if you desire to implement this technology into your platform we are the perfect company to develop your proprietary AR features into your on-demand app.

Final Thoughts

Both AI and machine learning are delicately growing and making revolutionary changes in on-demand service apps. Already, numerous businesses leveraging these technologies have benefited, from improvising their platforms entirely thus driving more sales and revenue for their businesses. If you are looking for a best-in-class mobile app development company with AI proficiency then Appticz Technologies is the best option for your business growth and earning profits. Be ready to communicate your ideas and plans with our techie experts they will guide your business in top-class and without any flaws.


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