9 Reasons Why Higher Education Institutes Must Integrate Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

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Smartphones have gone from being just a communication device to an important tool for students. Integrating mobile technology in education has boosted student engagement and participation. Moreover, it has improved the quality of learning. Students can now learn without being limited to their classrooms. Teachers are even embracing online teaching through mobile, which is benefiting everyone alike. 

8Benefits of Mobile Technology in Colleges

There have been numerous technological trends in education. However, mobile tech in higher education is thriving for all the right reasons. Here are 8 benefits of integrating mobile technology in colleges.  

1. Better, Efficient Attendance Marking 

Teachers can easily mark the attendance of their students using mobile technology. The marking is done in real-time and can be viewed remotely by anyone who has access to it. No more lugging around thick attendance books as it can now be done with just a few taps!

2. Maximizing Cloud Tech & LMS 

LMS, along with cloud tech, has the power to make learning efficient. The cloud and mobile tech enable the students and teachers to discuss their curriculum with ease and ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Data from the LMS can be stored securely on the cloud, keeping crucial information safe. 

3. Promotes Up-to-Date Learning

Earlier, when students wanted to get information, they would head to the libraries and search for the concerned books. Well, not anymore. 

With mobile technology in education, students can now gain instant access to knowledge. They can find relevant, up-to-date information to every question they have with every virtual search. 

4. Easier Assigning and Submission of Assignments 

Using mobile phones in teaching and learning has made it easy for teachers to roll out assignments and grade them. 

Teachers can upload assignments on the LMS, after which the students can upload their finished assignments. The students can even post their queries about the assignments over the portal and discuss them with their teachers. 

The grading can be transparent as it can be done on the LMS. The students and parents can view the grades from anywhere. 

5. The Power of Audio/Video Recording 

The learning management system has the feature of recording the lectures. This way, students get a chance to revisit the lectures when they are studying after classes or preparing for exams.

Moreover, students can use the audio/video recording feature to record assignments instead of typing them out. 

6. Better Learning Through Online Forums

Teachers can use the group chat feature to initiate discussions on various class topics. Online forums allow the students to strengthen their concepts and learn through peer discussion, even without a teacher present. 

7. Broadcasting Instant Updates 

One of the best applications of mobile technology in education is providing real-time, instant notifications and updates to students and teachers. Colleges can send out important alerts and time-sensitive information with excellent efficiency and ease. 

Moreover, institutes can put up timetables, directories, and coursework that can be easily accessible by college staff and students. 

8. Enables Learning Beyond the Classroom

Thanks to mobile devices, students can keep learning even after they leave the classroom. Since the course material can be available online, they don’t need to carry textbooks. This enables them to study whenever and wherever they want. 

Mobile tech allows the students to connect with their peers and teachers. This will, in turn, keep the students engaged and excited about studying.

In Conclusion

Emerging trends in educational technology, such as mobile technology, allow the teachers to work more efficiently and make learning easy and fun for students. It helps in meeting the unique requirements of each college and achieve great results. Higher education institutes must use mobile technology in creative ways to boost the quality of learning.

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