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Does this seem like something you’d want to have on your phone? Direct Download Links for Project RTD: Random Tower Défense APK (OBB + Data) (320 MB). Using the 100% Working Phase Method provided on the OGamesAndroid website, you may play Project RTD: Random Tower Défense on Android with ease. So, let’s get things started.

Random Tower Défense Summary

Project RTD is a PvP tower defense game with random tower placement. With random structures and monsters summoned through summoning, players will compete against each other to become the “Final Winner.” Thrills from chance and Strategic Tech Trees. The best of both worlds in a single game! Previously only accessible on Windows, Project RTD: Random Tower Défense has now made its way to the Android market. We’ll walk you through the process of getting this game onto your Android phone, step by step.

The game was published on February 17th, 2020, and is a combination of simulation and strategy. Microsoft Windows-based personal computers are the first to have it. It is a First-Person Shooter with Multiplayer Game Modes available. On December 23, 2018, the most current update to the game was released. This game has a 77/100 average rating based on the votes cast by the 6065 people who have played it.

More than 6475 gamers have given the game an overall rating of 79 out of 100. More than 7625 people are following the game. The game has been nominated for 11 awards and won four. Role-playing is the primary focus of this game. In addition to Greek, Polish and Bulgarian, it is also accessible in English and Slovak.

How to Play this Game on an Android?

You may be wondering whether this game or Xbox game, a PC, PlayStation, can be played on Android. And, of course, the response is YES! It’s possible these days to play a PC or PS5, PS3, PS4 game on Android. Install a Cloud Gaming Servers, Android Emulator, and Project RTD: Random Tower Defense Game to get started. That’s all there is to it!

A Cloud Gaming Server would be required if you wanted to play Project RTD: Random Tower Defense on your PC. We’ll get to them as soon as we can. Download this game from

How Can you Download using Cloud Gaming and Play this Game?

Using Cloud Gaming Servers, PC games can now be played more effortlessly. All of your games are stored in massive computer data centers on these servers. It is possible to play these games on your phone using the RDP Client. Project RTD: Random Tower Defense Game doesn’t even need to be downloaded for Android devices in Cloud Gaming. There is no need for a lot of storage space or a lot of RAMS.

This Game may be played remotely, even with slow internet. Because you can’t play games offline with Cloud Gaming, it’s the sole drawback. As a result, you’ll need Internet access to get started. In addition, we provide hundreds of free daily cloud gaming servers to our customers. Here, any user may set up their own free gaming server. How to Play this Game utilizing Cloud Gaming is the next step. Take the Following Steps:

  • RDP Client may be downloaded from the Play Store.
  • Get Your Own Cloud Gaming Server for Free by clicking here.
  • Put name, username, and password for the IP address. Daily at 03:30:00 GMT (Updated every day)
  • The RDP Server may be accessed.
  • As a result, your phone will now display a computer screen.
  • Drag and touch the mouse to open Game on your desktop.
  • The game of chance-based tower defense has begun. Enjoy!

Our collection of IP Addresses and Login information is always being updated. The first step in securing your RDP is to update the password as soon as possible.

Follow these procedures to modify the RDP password:

  • Enter CTRL + ALT + END to open the Virtual Keyboard.
  • To change your password, click the Change Password Now button. Put in the old and new passwords.
  • Proceed by clicking the Change button.
  • The password has now been reset.

It is critical that you update your RDP password as soon as possible. Your chances of owning a Cloud Gaming Server are effectively zero if someone else alters the configuration.

How Can you Download using PPSSPPand Play this Game?

The PPSSPP Emulator is one of the most popular PSP Emulators out there. To play PlayStation games on your Device. PSP emulator PPSSPP has been used to play this game.

  • Get this game for the PSP by first downloading the ROM.
  • Save the ROM to your Local Storage or SD Card after downloading it.
  • RAR should be used to extract all ROM data.
  • It’s time for you to download and install the PPSSPP Gold Emulator from here.
  • Launch PPSSPP Emulator and go to the Games folder
  • Make sure you choose Game as your game of choice and open it.
  • The game is now about to begin.

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