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Growth Strategy

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Mobile app development is a vast industry that is growing constantly. It is estimated that by 2023 more than 6.8 billion people will be using mobile phones. To venture into this vast industry you must have a killer app that grabs the interest of the people. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you own a reputed firm, knowing your audience is essential. The app you’re developing must be a solution for your target audience. Understanding your target audience is the first and most important step in app development. 

To build the best mobile app you have to collaborate with the leading Mobile App Development Company.  Your technology partner would help you from seed to tree and beyond. Choosing the right technology partner is the first and most important step in your app development process.

Mobile App Developement Process In 2023


The initial step will be understanding your vision by brainstorming with you. This enables us to define and understand the scope of your app. The type of app, platform, tech stacks, etc. will be decided in this step.

Project Estimate and Timeline 

The second step would be developing a project estimate and a timeline. 

Having a timeline and budget helps keep everyone on the light. This way the client has a clear view and understanding of the process, while the project managers and developers have a clear path laid out for the project. 

App Design

This is an important phase in mobile app development. During this phase your app’s appearance, features, and flow will be decided. The design team will give innovative designs for your app. They will be in constant touch and will provide updates to you regarding design, app flow, etc.

App Development and Builds

After the design is confirmed the development team will start developing your app. They use leading-edge technologies to develop your mobile app. Regular builds will be provided for you. Builds will show how your end product will be. It will consist of app flow, clickables, etc. 

Launch and Support

After development, your mobile application will be submitted to the play store or apple store depending upon the app type. Then people will be able to download the app. The team will provide 24×7 support after launch to make sure the app is hack-free and glitchless.

After all these steps you will have your own app in your hand. But it is just the beginning a lot of things should be done to make your app successful.

Marketing your App:

You have successfully developed your mobile application, but no one will know about it. You must have a good marketing strategy to make your mobile app successful. An app will become automatically successful by reaching the target audience. A good marketing strategy can help your app grow tremendously. 

Here are some basic strategies you should follow

  • App’s Website:

Having your app’s website allows you to tell more about your mobile application to your customers directly. It gives you the opportunity to show what exactly the customers will get when they install your app. You include the following on your app’s website:

  1. Screenshots and videos of your app.
  2. A video trailer. 
  3. Features of your app.
  4. App store or google play store links to your app.
  • App Store Optimization:

The goal of app store optimization, which is quite similar to SEO, is to make your mobile app more visible on the app store and google play store. Just like SEO, you have to identify the right keywords, and adding your mobile app screenshots and videos will help you rank higher.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

Your app may be unique and might be the solution to an existing problem. But people must know about your app to download it. So you must do the groundwork like search engine optimization, writing blogs, and submitting your mobile application to app review sites, etc that will take a word about your app to your customers.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is a perfect platform to market your app. Individuals use social media extensively. So it is easy to grab their attention there with a video, a post, a write-up, etc. With social media, you can get direct customer engagement by getting feedback,  conducting contests, etc. 

  • Competitive Analysis:

To sustain in this competitive field you must know your competitors and what they offer. Knowing this will give you an edge over them. Analyzing their apps will let you know where you’re mobile app is lacking. It also gives you an idea of what they offer to their customers to retain them.

Developing and marketing are like the tip of the iceberg. This will bring users to your app. Retention rate and CLV(Customer Lifetime Value) are essential things that you should look into after a successful launch into the market. Retaining your customers will increase the CLV.

What Is Retention Rate And How Does It Impact Your Mobile App? 

A retention rate tells you the percentage of users who still use your mobile app after certain days of installation. It is determined by calculating the number of users who initiate at least one session within a single day and dividing that number by the total number of installs.

Customer lifetime value(CLV) is the measure of net profit obtained by an ongoing relationship between a product and a customer. The average time spent by the user on that app is used to calculate CLV.

Improve Your Retention Rate By Following These Steps:

  •          Cohort Analysis:

Cohort Analysis can help you understand who your ideal customers are. It is a kind of behavior analytics where you analyze a different group of users’ behavior in a given time frame. Which will help you personalize the app for users.

  •          Personalize your app for the user:

If you want to retain your users’, a one-size-fits-all approach will not be of use. People expect your app to be tailor-fit for them. Personalizing the user experience can help you stand out from your competitors. Moreover, it will help to build your app’s user loyalty.

Onboarding Flow

The onboarding process of your mobile application is very crucial. It is the first impression that you give to your customers. It must not be a lengthy process that requires filling out forms. Keep it simple like signing in with Gmail, Facebook, Phone, etc. To retain your customers.

Mobile app development is no small feat. The success of your mobile app depends upon the efforts you take to understand your customers. Hope the little strategies discussed here will help you. Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company that has a good growth strategy to develop your mobile app to be successful and beyond!

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