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Grammar Checker Tools

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The future is always perfect, the past is tense (Zadie Smith)

Isn’t it fascinating how digitalization has significantly evolved our lives and made everything so much easier than it already was? Things that used to take a million years are now done in just a blink of an eye, all thanks to our knight in shining armor; the internet. 

If we talk about this evolution of the internet academically then, some of those valuable outcomes are assignment writing service, essay help, and even online grammar checker tools. Measuring the accuracy of your writing piece was never this easy, all it requires is just one click and your errors get lined up in front of you. What’s better than that? Nothing! 

Grammar is the most important element of any content because it provides the reader a clear comprehension. Proofreading and editing the final draft is always a good thing, and to make it easier, there are online grammar checker tools. With the mention of online grammar checking tools, here are some of the common tools.

  1. Grammarly: This is one of the most commonly used grammar checker tools. Grammarly is used by people of all kinds of professions and on all types of platforms. It checks the grammar and spelling while you write down your content. Grammarly can either be browsed on chrome or it can be add-on MS word. The tool shows a red line under the mistake and provides you with the most appropriate solution. Grammarly has options of both; basic issues like spellings and grammatical errors, and premium issues like plagiarism, engagement, etc. Grammarly’s quick responses to the errors, and its sleek, user-friendly design makes it the most common tool. However, one downside of it is that to get done with proofreading, you have to switch to the text editor. 
  2. Scribens: One of the top concerns of students, when using any online plagiarism or grammar checking tool is that their content does not get misplaced. Students worry about the safety of their intellectual properties because free online websites pose a threat to the ownership of their intellectual belongings. Not every student can afford or have access to paid software and applications which ensure hundred percent safety. Scribens caters to this concern of the students. It ensures that no pasted or written text is submitted to their servers. This helps students feel secure using this tool as they don’t have to worry about their intellectual property getting stolen.
  3. ProWriting Aid: This tool does a little bit more than just checking grammatical errors and sentence structure. ProWriting Aid helps you in identifying the cliché, repeated, and stuffed sentences. This tool basically helps in boosting the flow of your content and makes it easier to read. The tool is used by most of the best assignment writers in the UK too. ProWriting is actually a virtual tutor as well as a writing coach if used properly. 
  4. Ginger: Another common tool is Ginger. Ginger provides a vigorous free version for its browser. The tool allows its users to check the content online. Ginger has a number of features to offer for free, unlike the other tools available. The grammar checker lets you add an extension for easy access. However, it is not overly recommended because it doesn’t force you on adding a comma, and it sometimes ignores basic mistakes too. Ginger is good for those who plan on just correcting the grammar and not punctuation. The plus point is, this tool allows you to proofread just by clicking an icon. 
  5. After the deadline: Just like other tools, After the Deadline also lets you check your grammar. Once you install the browser on your PC, it lets you correct your grammatical errors and run a readability check. Once you add on the browser, a list of options opens up which then makes you select the most appropriate ones for your content. After the Deadline is open-source,  so it doesn’t come with the same features as other paid checker tools. However, it is still one of the most widely used grammar checker tools by students and sometimes by teachers too. 

Elimination of grammatical errors gives the reader a very clear understanding of your writing. Whether you provide dissertation writing services UK natives prefer to avail, or you help businesses in promotion, you have to make sure that your writing is as sleek and as clear as possible because

Creativity and accuracy are long-lost sisters!

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