5 Tips to Finding a Job in the New Year

Finding a Job
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Does your resolution for the New Year include finding a new job? It’s completely understandable for someone to want to experience a change in their life as the new year nears, even if it involves changing a career. 

However, we all know that job-searching can get quite competitive depending on which niche you wish to enter. So, here are 5 tips to finding a job in the new year.

1. Try a Part-Time Job

This might not apply to everyone, but it’s an important tip nonetheless. If you already have a job and are financially secure in your current position, you should really think about whether finding a new job is worth it. 

For those wanting to leave a career to try something completely different in their professional life, it’s recommended to start small. If possible, try a part-time job in the niche you’re interested in. Once you get your feet wet and are comfortable with the new line of work, only then consider leaving your current job.

2. Try the Medical Field

If you think you have the appropriate skill set, you should consider entering the medical or health field. The pandemic has increased the need of capable health professionals belonging to various departments. From professionals who can perform COVID tests to phlebotomists, you should be able to find a well-paying position for yourself. 

If you have a medical science-oriented brain, becoming a certified phlebotomist shouldn’t be tough. While a phlebotomist salary may not be astounding, you’ll be doing an important job and helping people on a day-to-day basis. You will also get to experience the joy of helping your community in general by entering the medical field.

3. Become a Boomerang Employee

It’s not always a bad idea to consider going back to where you started from when searching for a new job. If you left your former place of employment on good terms, you should consider reconnecting, especially if you know of old coworkers who still work there. 

Going back to your ex-employer means you’re already familiar with how things work and reintegrating won’t be an issue for you or the hiring manager. Depending on the skills and experience you have gained, you could be hired at a far higher position than the last time you worked there.

4. Update Your Resume

Before beginning your new job search, make sure your resume is updated. It’s recommended that you fashion your resume to compliment the job position you’re applying for. So, don’t hesitate to rework your resume to fit the job requirements of your next endeavor, even if you have to take some stuff out. 

Follow the basic resume writing rules and have a trusted friend go over the resume if you want any suggestions for improvement. If you have the funds, there are resume writing services available online. You can also find free templates to make your resume the best it can be.

You should make sure to have at least three different references in your resume. If you’re finding a job without leaving your current one, make sure your current employer knows if you wish to use them as a reference.

Finding a Job

5. Start Using LinkedIn

When used in a particular manner, social media can benefit people looking for new jobs. LinkedIn is a great free resource for making professional connections and finding exciting job opportunities. It would help if you spent time on LinkedIn (make sure your credentials are updated) to connect with others belonging to your area of professional interests. Many recruiters use LinkedIn to find their next hire.

Wrapping It Up

Bringing about a significant change in your professional life in the new year means you will need to do the required work. The time to search for a new job is now! Don’t delay. 

Due to healthcare technological advancements, the medical field will continue to need capable recruits, so consider giving it a try. Also, remember to create a LinkedIn account and update your resume.


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