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Are you struggling to make a digital marketing resume?

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing professions. As a digital marketer, you possess a diversified set of skills, but you can have a tough time putting the same skills on your digital marketer resume.

If you are looking for a digital marketing job in your dream company, the first step is to make a killer resume that immediately grabs the recruiter’s attention from the stack of resumes. 

According to Ladders, you have 6 seconds to make your resume count. Therefore, your resume must be crisp and to the point to help you beat the competition smoothly and efficiently. 

Here’s a quick summary of what you will find in this guide:

  • Why should you consider making a master resume before the final draft?
  • Why should you customize your digital marketing resume for every company you apply to?
  • What are the basic rules of resume writing?
  • Why should you always quantify your achievements in a digital marketing resume?
  • How to choose a suitable format to make a digital marketing resume?

Let’s discuss the 5 tips for writing a killer digital marketing resume.

1) Design Your Master Resume 

Making a master resume must be the first step you should follow for making your digital marketing resume if you not confident just ask for help from best-resume-writing-service. The objective of the master resume is to create a comprehensive list of everything you’ve ever done before making the final resume. 

The master resume is a rough outline of your final digital marketing resume. In your master resume, all you need to do is to dump all the information you have related to your skills, experience, education, certifications, etc.

While the final digital marketing resume shouldn’t exceed 2 pages, the master resume can be of any number of pages. 

With your master resume in hand, you don’t have to look at multiple places to search for the information. You can easily cherry-pick the information that you should use in your resume without leaving anything important out. 

2) Customize Your Resume 

Are you sending your resume across different organizations but not getting shortlisted? Well, you’ve been approaching job hunting the wrong way this whole time.   

To stand out of the crowd, you have to let go of the old practice of sending the same resume for every position. To stand the best chance, you need to tailor your digital marketing resume to each of your target jobs. 

All you need to do is thoroughly read the job description and find the specific keywords to incorporate in your digital marketing resume. 

For instance, if you are applying for a job that specifically asks you for email marketing, You need to focus more on the email marketing tools and techniques and omit the unnecessary information.

You can inculcate the keywords across the summary, skills, and professional experience section. Incorporating keywords in your resume makes it ATS compliant and increases the likelihood of you bagging your dream job.

3) Follow The Basic Rules to Resume Writing

There are certain rules you must comply with while writing a digital marketing resume.

Here’s a list of rules that you must follow while writing your resume:

  • Your resume should either be one page or two pages long, but it must not breach the limit of 2 pages. The length of your resume depends on the longevity of your work experience. For example, if you have over 3 years of experience, you can choose to write a two-page resume.
  • Write one-line bullet points to compose the details of your professional experience and begin all the points with a suitable power verb.
  • Follow chronological order to list your work experience and education. If you have work experience of over 3 years, you can omit 10th and 12th from your resume. 
  • Include all the relevant sections while following a proper chronology- Header, Personal Information, Profile Title, Summary, Key & Technical Skills, Professional Experience, Internship Experience, Education, Certifications, and Additional Information.

4) Quantify Your Achievements 

Adding numbers to your resume helps you showcase the depth of your contribution. Always remember, a resume is achievement-based and not responsibilities-based. 

With every function you write in your work experience, try to establish a cause and effect relationship. That being said, don’t just mention you did but also mention why you did and try adding figures wherever possible. Adding numbers help you create a visible impact of your contributions. 

To make your work experience more attention-grabbing, bold the important figures and numbers. It makes your resume more readable. 

Now you must know that downloading a design template and copying & pasting points do not make it to the list anymore. To make an impressive digital marketing resume, you need to put in time and effort.

5) Choose The Right Resume Format

Choosing the right resume format suitable for your experience is of utmost importance. 

There are 3 types of resume formats- Chronological, Functional, and Combination resume.

The chronological resume format is one of the most popular resume formats. In this format, you list your work experience in order, starting with the most recent.

It is the most preferred resume format by employers, and they are used to scanning a resume in this format. 

The functional format emphasizes highlighting skills rather than the chronology of the work experiences. Therefore, this is a better-suited format for you if you have career gaps or are looking for a career change. 

The combination resume format combines the best features of a chronological resume and a skills-based resume.

To make an impactful digital marketing resume,  make sure that you choose the correct resume format. 

Key Takeaways

We hope that this guide aid you in making a killer digital marketing resume and helps you grab the opportunity you are looking for.

Ensure that you proofread your resume before sending the final resume, as a slight spelling error or grammatical mistake can be a big turnoff. So here’s a quick roundup of the guide so that you don’t miss out on any essential details.

  • Make a master resume by documenting all your information in one place before the final draft.
  • Tailor your digital marketing resume to each job you are targeting. Each organization has different requirements. Make sure that you tweak it accordingly.
  • Follow the chronology order of resume sections and make a crisp & reader-friendly resume.
  • Add numbers wherever possible to showcase the results you were able to achieve with your digital marketing skills.
  • Choose the right resume format according to your career requirements.

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