Face Recognition Solution Finds Many Takes in Business And It is Not Hard to See Why

Face Recognition Solutions

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Facial recognition is the part of applied machine learning that can recognize and classify human faces, a problem that has been particularly challenging for computers up to now. And this has opened a whole new system of exciting potentialities and challenges for businesses, governments, and individuals. If you are wondering how facial recognition technology can promote business growth, we have got you covered. Read on, and you will get to know the enormous possibilities where face recognition solutions is sustaining business in many ways. 

Biometrics goes into the bylane of face recognition and comes up with a solution that businesses are taking to in droves. It is not hard to see why and that old adage, Your Face is Your Fortune, takes on a new meaning. Spread out the cards and see in just how many different ways AI face detection is a boon for business. 


Insurance companies and the insured could possibly be the biggest beneficiaries of a face recognition solutions. From improving productivity to promoting efficiency of the overall business operations, a face recognition system can drastically improve the day to day processes for insurance companies. Imagine scenarios that could well be a reality in the future: 

  • Insurance companies use AI face recognition prior to issuing policies. The software not only identifies the person but also gives a fair indication of age and health conditions, factors that the applicant may try to hide. 
  • Examine claims and conduct face to face interviews for claims settlement and find out just how genuine the case is by analysis of facial expressions. 
  • Launch video campaigns and know about prospective leads from their facial gestures and expressions.
  • Let existing customers carry out renewals or modifications simply through facial recognition instead of having to log in and furnish a lot of details. 
  • You can even use AI face expression and classification to decide on the rate of premium. 

In short, the insurance industry can acquire face recognition solutions; benefits to level up the business operations and allow the agents to focus on more essential tasks. 

Financial transactions

The days of credit or debit cards may be numbered if face recognition solutions gain traction in banking financial transactions. Customers can simply use their smartphone cameras while transacting with banks or making payments. You need not worry if you have forgotten your credit card or if it is lost or misplaced. Your face is all the authorization required to carry out financial transactions. 

The spin-off is that AI face detection solution can be used to keep a record of known fraudsters and to detect attempts at fraud by identifying tell-tale facial signs. You may be interested to know that the Bank of America, Amazon, and MasterCard are working on facial recognition solutions for payments. The implementation of face recognition in financial transactions can limit fraudulent activities. With the ultimate security, the financers can perform a larger number of transactions without fearing security breaches. Hence, the giant companies are working on finding a robust solution to make financial transactions through face recognition technology

Are employees pretending to work?

It is always a game between employers and employees. The former wishes to get the most out of employees and employees like to pretend they are hard at work, frowning away at computer screens to show just hard they are concentrating. This may no longer work if businesses use face recognition to identify whether an employee is genuinely working or simply pretending to work. That may not go down well with employees. However, the same software can also identify stresses and tensions linked with the type of work being handled, the health of employees, and other factors. Based on t businesses can improve workflows or identify if employees suffer from some health issues and advise remedial action. 

By the same token, businesses can use the software to divine customer feelings. A customer may not reveal a true state of feelings through words but face language tells a lot about their reactions to produce color, size or price, or behavior of customer service representative. 

Ad biz

Advertising is big business and serves big businesses to help them to get bigger. If a company promotes a consumer product then it is likely to choose a celebrity as its brand ambassador. However, even here, the face type chosen can either resonate with audiences or turn them off. How to know which face type targets identify with? The solution is a face recognition solution that can be mapped to broader demographic surveys to come up with campaigns using models that will have more “converting” power. 

If that is the front end, there is a backend to face recognition solution based on AI for ad business. It is common practice for ad agencies to give a preview and elicit reactions. This process becomes simpler and easier with AI face expression analysis. Show evaluators video previews on smartphones and use the phone camera to record expressions for analysis. 


Restaurants and hotels as well as shopping establishments greet clients with a welcome. Make established and regular customers feel even better by using AI face detection to identify regular customers and VIPs and give them a nice, extra-warm welcome. If pampering is the name of the game, you might as well automate it and do it perfectly. Existing customers need not feel miffed that no one recognized them. By the same token, thieves and fraudsters can also be regulars at shopping malls. Instead of giving them a welcome, face detection and recognition helps you to identify them and steer them clear away without a fuss. 

Thumbs down

Will face detection work perfectly if someone decides to do a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible and wear a mask to resemble someone else? It is possible but difficult given that your eyes are left open and face detection also factors in the eye. Still, nothing is perfect but even then, face recognition solution is far better than other things like thumb print or eye recognition.


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