11 Trending eCommerce Niche Market to Target This Pandemic


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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the business world. Surprisingly, the eCommerce sector has seen a boom as people have resorted to online shopping due to the closure of stores, and marketplaces during lockdowns. 

As a result, several eCommerce businesses are witnessing unexpected growth and it is said that by 2025 this growth will have increased from 15% to 25%. So, to gain this kind of success for your eCommerce business, you must first find your niche. 

Here are 11 trending eCommerce niche markets to target during this pandemic.

Physical Fitness Tools for Home

Due to the lockdown, working out at home has become common. In fact, many people find it easier and feel more comfortable to work out at home than at gyms. The demand for simple gym equipment, such as yoga mats, dumbbells, treadmills, etc. has increased drastically during the past year. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs would do well if they invested in a business that manufactured or sold gym equipment for the home. 

Similarly, the demand for fitness apps has also skyrocketed. If you are a freelance developer or a software development company you can take advantage of the rising demand and create a mobile app targeting fitness junkies that want to monitor their daily steps walked, calorie burnout, and get tips for staying fit and healthy.  


This pandemic has been tough on all of us, and we’re all trying our best to cope with it and recover from it. Self-care is one of the many ways that people are using to cope with all of the stress and tension. 

With the help of online stores selling self-care products, people can easily focus on their hygiene, physical and mental health. One of the most common self-care products is hand sanitizers and masks.

The closure of spas, salons, and saunas has also contributed to the rise of the at-home-self-care industry. Since they can’t avail self-care services commercially, people are buying products to do it themselves. Face masks, manicure and pedicure machines, home spas, and other self-care gadgets have increased in demand.

Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Due to quarantine, many people have started to grow tired of their surroundings inside their boring four walls. So, they decide to turn to decorating or redecorating their homes, however, to do that, you might also need new furniture. 

This is where online stores that sell indoor and outdoor furniture come in. This created a rise in the sales of furniture online. Another reason for the rise is that many people that used to work at their companies, now have to work in their homes. So many of them order office furniture as they are setting up a home office.

 Simple and Handmade Jewelry

Now that we’re all stuck at home, people have a lot of spare time to focus on their hobbies and even capitalize on them. Several people have started their own smart businesses where they sell their handcrafted jewelry. 

Such as clay-based and ceramic-based jewelry. One of the many reasons why handcrafted jewelry is in demand is because of its affordable prices and simplicity.

Arts and Craft

We all get to focus on our hobbies during the lockdown. Many hobbies require equipment such as arts and craft supplies. Online stores that sell these art supplies have become more common now. 

People that tend to either run out on their supplies or want to buy new products to test out a change in their art style, won’t have to worry now, with the help of these art supplies stores. 

Smartphone Accessories

This particular niche has also started to gain recognition this year. Many people now enjoy accessorizing the things that they tend to use the most to make them look livelier. 

Similarly, for smartphones, people like to decorate them with nice things such as cute and fancy phone covers, pop sockets, etc. Of course, some people also need other accessories to protect and boost the longevity of their smartphones such as screen protectors, and silicon phone covers.

Online Grocery Shopping and Food Delivery 

One of the many benefits that online grocery shopping has to offer is that people can buy in bulk and still save money. It is also much safer to shop online especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Many physical stores sometimes run out of necessities, so people search for those items in online stores. 

People that are working 24/7 at home, are sometimes unable to find time to cook food for their family members. So, with the help of online food deliveries, they’re able to order healthy food for their family members. 

Personal Planners and Journals 

During this challenging time, many people find it hard to cope with the stress that keeps building upon their shoulders. Many influencers often try to promote the use of personal planners and journals because they help jot down thoughts and plan out events, tasks, appointments, etc.  

Since people are working from home and it is challenging to manage work and home life, planners and scheduling apps sound like an excellent idea. As the demand for these stationary goods is high, eCommerce stores can promote them which will help them to enhance their sales.

Casual Outfits 

With people practicing social distancing at home and working remotely, they don’t see the need to wear fancy and formal clothing in their homes. They switch to wearing comfortable and casual clothing instead. 

That’s why the need for casual clothing has increased. Some of these casual clothing items consist of shorts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, etc. 

Gardening supplies 

Another way people spend their leisure time after work is by connecting with nature in their backyard. They try to tend to their gardens by growing colorful plants, flowers and even grow vegetables and fruits. This can’t be achieved without the proper equipment needed for gardening. That’s when people look for online stores that sell gardening tools.

Board Games

If people want to find more ways to engage their family members in fun activities, what better way to do that than by having friendly matches in board games and card games. These include customized monopoly, ludo, chess, Uno, Dungeons and Dragons, etc. 

Hence, eCcommerce stores that sell board games have witnessed growth in their sales as more people are searching for these in online stores.

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