Does Social Media Promote or Harm Real-life Communication

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Since the launch of social media, human communication is revolutionizing. Due to social media channels, people are now frequently updated on the trending subjects happening around them like events, news and more. They can keep in check of happening in the lives of their friends and family. They can talk and see their friends, even being away from thousands of kilometers. But that’s not all! There is another side to social media’s impact on communication.

Do you think that the revolution of social media has brought in people’s communication is all good and not bad? Well, you will do this in this blog below, whether social media is promoting or harming real-life communication, so let’s dive in.

Benefits of Social Media

Benefits of Social Media

News gets the attention of Millennials 

It’s because of social media that Gen-Z and millennials are taking some interest in current affairs. The constant scrolling of feeds somehow keeps users updated on recent happenings and more. According to a study conducted by Wibbitz, over 40% of the millennial crowd use online platforms to access news and 23% of them use social networks for news and updates. 

Although there is a group of millennials lost in gaming and unethical stuff on the internet, there is another group that uses social media for learning and keeping in touch.

Communicating with personalized messages

With the multitude of social media applications, there are tons of options to communicate. Users can now send appealing and entertaining content formats like videos, stories, gifs, animation and more. It can make your message intimate and more personal. 

There are features like stickers, filters and messages, allowing users to add fun elements to their texts. This social media editing feature brings multiple face filters for selfies. It enables users to transform themselves into cartoon or animal characters. It also includes beauty filters. This is another primary reason for people sharing stories on SM. 

On social media networks, users can interact on content shared by their friends. They can like or dislike the post and share their opinion through comments. 

Communication Gap Bridged

Earlier it was difficult for people to keep in touch with family members like cousins or friends from school or colleges, but not any more. It’s because of social media that people can easily communicate with their friends from past or family members staying in other parts of the world. 

Social media brings everyone to one platform allowing people to stay connected with their loved ones, no matter where they reside.  

A Platform for Everyone

Social media is a platform for everyone, no matter where you live or what you do. Whether introvert or extrovert, anyone can use social channels to express and share their opinion. Apart from friends and family, social networks allow people to be a part of the community or connect with like-minded people. 

Social media is now allowing people to find jobs online. Users can only take online interviews by staying at any location. Professional communication with office associates and clients is now easier than ever. 

From business to corporate jobs, sm has become a useful communication tool for all. Social media has given rise to a new marketing occupation called influencers marketing. 

Influencers are the people consisting of a dedicated and high list of followers. They use their sm profile for brand endorsement and product mentions. Influencer marketing function on the trust influencers build with their followers. The only medium they use for client communication is sm. 

Harms of social Media 

Benefits of Social Media

The urge to share constantly

Social media has made sharing memories a breeze, whether it’s your faction, childhood photos or an event you attend. You can share any moment with your friends with just a few clicks. Not only memories that you share on social media platforms, but these channels are also  excellent ways to rise or share opinions. 

Twitter is a social site where people across the globe share their opinion on current affairs at national as well as global level. From celebrities, political and industrial leads to any sm users, anyone shares their views. 

Twitter is a powerful site; the conversation of the sites can hugely impact communities or associations. On the other hand, Facebook offers a place to share any content it’s thoughts, posts, funny videos. People also use Facebook groups to build a community, allow you to build  community and also offers a marketplace to sell your products. 

Meaningless Conversations

Yes, it’s convenient to talk to people on phones, but the content chats on SM have affected meaningful engagement. People glued to discussions mostly indulge in conversation with less grammar and emotions. 

The adverse use of sm has given rise to fake news, emoticons and abbreviations that deplete emotion and the level of communication to a great extent.

Inducing Mental illness 

Social media has not only given us a communication platform, but it has also introduced us to a new language. This language includes everything from emojis, hashtags, gifs and more. This language has given rise to a new fear for the online uses called FOMO, which is the fear of missing out. SM creates an urge to stay updated on what’s happening around the world, especially in the life of their friends. 

That’s not it, according to many studies, SM is the reason behind several mental and physical disorders. One of the highly known recognized condition is the ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).’ This mental health disorder can cause above-normal levels of hyperactive and impulsive behaviours.

Physical Communication 

Social media is bringing people together on online mediums, but on the other side, it is negatively effective physical communication. People tend to avoid or procrastinate meeting their friends and family in person because of SM communication ease like video calls and messaging. 

Because of sm communication, it is harder to judge people’ behaviour. Which sometimes results in online frauds and exploitations. 


Although there are substantial benefits of communication through social media networks, the adverse effects of these online channels have brought in human life are not hidden. Whether sm is benefiting or harming you depends on how you are using it.  

In order to avoid the adverse effects of sm one must use the medium cautiously. Get aware about how much time you are glued to this channel, for what purpose which uses sm. Suppose it affects your productivity or your real-life moments. Get hold of your social media use, before it takes hold of your life. 

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