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Remote jobs have been creating hype and are definitely worth it. The augmenting demand for freelance or gig works has resulted in multiple freelance platforms and sellers/job providers are sticking with freelance platforms for hiring talents.

We know how the pandemic affected people who were dependent on their full-time jobs. As a massive layoff was a thing of the past, it was freelance websites that gave helping hands to job hunters. It is not just the pandemic situation that draws job seekers towards freelance jobs but in recent years, people prefer to take up freelance jobs for a legion of reasons. Alright! Let us see some stats about freelancers and freelancing websites like Upwork, which will tickle your interest to develop a freelance marketplace.

Striking stats on freelance jobs

  • In 2020, when the pandemic was a thing, revenue from freelancing jobs contributed to $1.2 trillion in the US.
  • In the present year 2021, the most demanding freelance jobs are SEO specialists, content writers, web designers, and sales development representatives. 
  • As far as Upwork is concerned, there are 12 million registered freelancers.
  • Content writers on Upwork earn $15-$80, which is calculated on a per-hour basis.
  • Likewise, graphic designers will earn $20-$150 per hour and developers earn $15-150 per hour. 
  • Despite the pandemic situation, around 41% of Americans remain freelancers.
  • Most importantly, 50% of freelancers are highly skilled and 61% of freelancers are experts in 2 or 3 skills.

Overall, your idea of developing a freelance marketplace will reap success if you develop an arete app. Here, you will get an entire idea of developing an app like Upwork, different types of freelance platforms, and features of an app like Upwork.

What are the types of freelance platforms in existence?

  • Local marketplace

Buyers or job providers may be interested in hiring local freelancers, who are located within their region. If you want to develop a freelance marketplace that targets local buyers/sellers or job providers/job seekers. 

  • Global marketplace

Apps like Behance, Upwork, 99designs, etc., fall under the category of global marketplaces. Develop a global marketplace, which attracts global audiences, thereby bringing in a diverse category of job providers and talents.

  • Niche marketplace

In businesses, we use the term “niche” while targeting a particular category. In freelance business, you need to know the different types of marketplaces so that you can choose the type that will suit the audiences you target.

For example, 99designs is a marketplace that focuses on design-related jobs. Similarly, you can develop a freelance marketplace that is exclusively dedicated to a particular type of job. 

  • General marketplace

Here, the name is more obvious. A generic freelance marketplace is one that lists different categories of freelance jobs and is also not restricted to any region, which is not the same in the local marketplace. 

For example, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc., are generic freelance marketplaces that list a horde of job types like designing, writing, app development, personality development, lifestyle, and so many others.

Let us get down to the working method of a freelance website like Upwork.

How does the freelance website function?

  • Registration – Recruiters and job seekers who are keen to join the freelance app will signup. The app will ask them to specify certain details like their name, qualification, experience, and other details like email ID, mobile number, etc.,
  • Post jobs – Now, the recruiters will request the admin to post jobs on the website. The admin will verify the job and provide approval. Now, the recruiters can post jobs, which includes details like the deadline, payment, skill set required, and experience.
  • Bidding – Now, it is the time for job seekers to grab the job by bidding the amount and mentioning the date within which they can complete. 
  • Hire – Based on the bid raised by different job seekers, the recruiter will pick a candidate and then contact the job seeker.
  • Payment – Finally, after the selection of a candidate for the job, the project will be handed over, and after submission, the payment will be processed.

Upwork like app – Mandatory features to be incorporated

  • Registration – So, your freelance website will need a registration feature for recruiters and job seekers as well. For registration, they must submit their bio, skill sets, experience, and personal details. 
  • Portfolio creation – For job seekers, a portfolio that flaunts their work is a must. For a perfect portfolio, job seekers can include links to their works, add screenshots, and create a portfolio.
  • Job search – Job seekers will find it easy if the app has a search feature. Like any other apps, the freelance app should also have a search feature that lets them find the job in a flash second.
  • Payments – On confirmation of projects and submission, recruiters will pay via the payment method integrated into the app.
  • In-app messenger – Communication will be easy via the in-app messenger.
  • Reviews and ratings – Your website will need an endorsement from users in the form of reviews or star ratings. 

How can you make revenue from your freelance website?

  • Subscription – Primarily, subscription plans will fetch you revenue. For unlimited job listings and searches, users will prefer a subscription plan.
  • Deposit – Users can deposit money in advance, use the platform and decide whether to proceed further or not. Generally, Upwork-like apps employ this model, where users will get a refund if they aren’t satisfied with the platform.
  • Freemium model – You can add extra features for enhanced user experience, for which users will pay additional fees.
  • Ads – Advertise on your freelancing platform and earn hefty revenue.

Summing up, developing a freelance website like Upwork will be beneficial for your business. Go ahead! 

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