6 Common Myths about Vaccines Debunked

Vaccines Debunked
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Everyone wants to be healthy, without any exception. Health is the real wealth anyone could ever have. Most of us are born healthy however, we may experience many health challenges over time.  One such challenge is dealing with infectious diseases. These diseases can come as a natural disaster and evolve into a pandemic anytime. You don’t get the warning signs before they start affecting the population. Considering the recent example of the COVID-19 pandemic we all know how pain striking it can be to deal with. Here will discuss about myths about vaccines debunked

Vaccines- Out Weapon Against Diseases

Not only are these a burden on public health but these also affect the economy to a greater extent. When any such disease starts affecting you, it becomes really difficult to protect the community and come up with a better treatment solution. Conventional healthcare systems weren’t capable of dealing with all this. However, with the advent of modern-day technology, the healthcare sector has improved both structurally and functionally. 

A few days ago, I was attending a webinar on technology intervention in healthcare where a healthcare expert was discussing telemedicine or HMIS. His argument on the best hospital management software in Pakistan left me wondering. Anyways, coming back to infectious diseases, these are not untreatable. Vaccines provide a reasonable solution to the problem. 

Common Myths about Vaccines

Although, it sounds easier said than done. The road to vaccination isn’t that easier the way it sounds. From the synthesis of vaccines to getting people vaccinated, it is a difficult thing to do. There are many myths related to vaccines that need to be addressed. Here I am debunking some of these myths for your convenience that will enable you to make better and informed decisions regarding your health. 

1- Not everyone needs a vaccine

This is one of the most popular myths about vaccines. It is often believed that vaccination is a replacement for the immune system and not everyone needs it. Many people believe that people who already have a stronger immune system don’t need to get vaccinated. But that’s merely a myth and everyone needs to get vaccinated. It only enhances or boosts your immune system without disturbing it any further.

2- Vaccines are not safe

Another misconception about vaccination says that vaccines are not safe for anybody to get. The question of the safety of vaccines arises because you might experience some side effects after the vaccine. It may include a slight fever, slight rashes on any other related symptom. These minor symptoms shouldn’t give you the impression that vaccination is unsafe for you. This only happens because your immune systems get restarted and show some symptoms. 

3- If you can acquire natural immunity then why you want to go for vaccination

Another common myth about vaccination says that natural immunity is always better than the acquired one. If you can develop natural immunity against disease by just getting exposed to the causative agent then you don’t need to get vaccinated, However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes these intentional exposures can pose serious harmful effects to your health. Furthermore, you don’t need to experiment with your health when you can get immune by vaccination. 

4- Vaccines aren’t 100% effective, so you need these

Many people question the practice of vaccination because of its efficacy. It is commonly believed that because vaccines aren’t fully effective so you don’t need to get them. Be mindful that different vaccines can be differently effective but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need vaccination. No matter if a vaccine is 70% effective or more, the point is it will save you from many health problems in future. 

5- Vaccines can cause autism

It is just a MYTH arising from the lack of testing and experimentation. This false belief says that you may get autism if you get vaccinated. However, no vaccine can cause autism. Due to the occurrence of autism with vaccination, it was believed that vaccines are causing it. So, you don’t need to worry about autism before getting vaccinated.

6- Vaccines are dangerous because they are not well tested

This is another common myth about vaccination. Many people consider vaccines dangerous and think that these vaccines aren’t fully researched. This is because of the fact that as soon as a disease originated, we have a vaccine against it in no time questioning the political involvement in this. However, be mindful that no vaccine can directly come to market without enough experimentation. A vaccine is passed through several procedures including animal trials so you need to worry about this aspect of vaccines.

Bottom Line!

 Vaccines are critically important. They not only prevent us from deadly diseases but are also quite helpful in keeping us sound and well. Though there are many myths about vaccines you don’t need to believe these. Whenever you are deciding on any vaccination and are a bit confuses, it is better to consult your physician.

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