4 Best Plugins to Convert WordPress into a Mobile App for Easy Access

Convert WordPress into a Mobile App

Last Updated on June 28, 2024 by Team Experts

Are you searching for a solution to easily convert your WordPress into a mobile app solution? 

Today, many people are interested in converting their WordPress website into a mobile app experience because of how excessively the Internet has transitioned from desktop/laptop to mobile interfaces. 

We are now standing at the cross-roads where mobile optimized websites have become the norm. Ask a professional web design company what is the most integral factor when creating online experiences and you will hear just one answer, responsiveness. It’s because responsiveness in a website ensures your web presence is accessible across a number of gadgets and devices. The more devices it can use to deliver an optimized experience, the better it can attract customers online. 

Are you eager to change your WordPress website into a mobile app?

Here are the best four plugins. 


Here’s an easy to use platform which allows you to easily convert just about any WordPress site into a thriving mobile app. Whether you wish to run a blog or a WooCommerce store or just a simple BuddyPress website, AppPresser is the perfect tool which allows you to create thriving mobile friendly experiences. With AppPresser, you get a visual app customizer which allows you to change your app’s appearance on the go. Choose a particular WordPress theme of your choice and customize it with colors. Add custom pages as per your requirement and pull useful WordPress content. 

And that’s just tip of the iceberg as you can do a lot more with AppPresser.  

The platform is relatively easier to set up and you can even send out push notifications through it. 


If you’re looking forward to converting your WordPress site into a thriving mobile app experience, then MobiLoud is a noteworthy solution. MobiLoud brings two options to your doorstep. There’s one that can be used for news or setting up blog sites. Another one is for changing the websites which use sophisticated backend plugins such as WooCommerce and so on. MobiLoud also comes with analytics which allows you to track online traffic digital footprints on your app. You can also send out push notifications as per your preference. There’s also some mobile advertising support for those who wish to publish their apps online through different social media channels.  

The app is well-configured and with it you can even submit your newly transformed app to stores. MobiLoud is a powerful app solution which has a great deal to offer you. 


Searching for another great mobile solution to readily convert your WordPress website experience into a mobile-optimized one? Androapp is your one-stop-shop solution for giving the savvy Android look. From themes to unlimited push notifications, Androapp packs quite the punch for those who are seeking to transform their app experiences. With the app, you also get native social sharing options, infinite scrolling, full support for WooCommerce or BuddyPress. 

If you want to submit your mobile app experience to the PlayStore, you don’t have to worry about a thing because everything will be handled by the plugin developer. However, the only downside of going with the developer is that the free version of the app will show their own version of the ads. 


Do you wish to create the perfect mobile app experience of your website for your viewers? WPApp.Ninja is an incredible plugin which allows you to do just that. Here’s a powerful WordPress website to mobile conversion plugin, which you can purchase through a single lifetime license. With this plugin, you can set all your apps configurations through the  WordPress admin area without breaking a sweat. The app is incredible as it provides you with a simple and easy to use tool. The tool enables you to upload app icons, perform translations, add buttons, add colours and do more. 

The app also features full support for Google Analytics. It features a built-in cache and at the same time, it also comes with an option which allows users to access offline content at their expense.

The WPApp.Ninja is compatible with all of the popular WordPress plugins in the market.  

Concluding Thoughts

Mobile optimization of websites has become an increasing concern for many businesses operating in the online world. Countless individuals are accessing the Internet using smartphones which is becoming a problem for businesses who failed to consider responsiveness when creating a website design. Above discussed are the four best plugins which can readily convert WordPress into a thriving mobile app giving viewers and website owners the ultimate liberty to perform a variety of tasks. 

Is there a plugin in particular which you think can help convert WordPress into a thriving mobile experience? Ask any mobile app development company in Dallas and we can assure you that they will provide you the insight how effective these four plugins can be when it comes to delivering mobile experiences. Do let us know that what you think about them in the feedback. 


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