Quick Guide to Convert Maildir to PST Format

Convert Maildir to PST Format
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Summary: Are you tired of searching for a quick method to convert Maildir to PST on Mac? You need to relax. We are here to solve your problem. A vast population is facing the same problem, you are not the only one. Therefore, here we are going to discuss two easiest methods that will help you convert the Maildir file into PST file format. One of which is a third-party Maildir Converter tool for Mac that can do your work quickly. So, please read the whole article till the end.

A Quick Overview

Maildir- Maildir is an email client, developed by the Qmail Email client, for the storage of messages. It was particularly adopted by many applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird and others. Also, it provides the facility to organize your mailbox systematically. Moreover, the email client is designed with the feature to create a unique mailbox interface while message drop. It has a Maildir++ extension that provides enhanced capabilities such as mail quota and subfolder.

Outlook PST- PST stands for personal storage table. It is a personal data container in Microsoft. However, it is designed to store copies of your mailbox’s messages. Apart from this, it provides the facility to export the files from various accounts. You can also import data from another Outlook data file.

Reasons to Convert Maildir and PST

Here, are some advantages that insist users import Maildir to Outlook:

  • Maildir files don’t give access to the mailbox’s directory
  • While serving as an email format it depends on the network server.
  • Maildir data files can only be accessible if you are online.
  • You always require an internet connection to retrieve the Maildir data.

Now, let us move forward to the procedure section. 

We will elaborate on two methods to complete the task. Either you can use the traditional method using the manual process or you can use the automated method using the third-party tool. 

Manual Method to Convert Maildir to PST

Before proceeding further, you must download the maildir files from the server. After that, you go to the further process. To download the Maildir file, follow these mentioned steps:

  • Make sure the connection of the website’s server is secure
  • Select the Mail folder option from the menu. And then examine the file.
  • In this window, you will find the Maildir directory housing folders.
  • Must create a local backup of the Maildir file, and make sure that all the folders are included.

Now it’s time to convert the Maildir to PST. Follow the steps given below.

Steps to Convert the Maildir to PST

  • Log in to your Outlook account and select the file option.
  • Now choose Open & Export from the left menu in the dashboard and go for Import or Export.
  • After that, select the Import from a different program or file and click Next to proceed.
  • Now select the folder in which your converted file is located and click the Next option.
  • Final step, select the Finish option to complete the process.

Though the manual conversion looks familiar, it comes with some limitations. It is a lengthy and time-consuming process which makes it very complex. Also, it has a risk of data alteration. Furthermore, users can only convert one file at a time.

As we have seen, the manual method comes with lots of technical requirements. Therefore, non-technical individuals might face some issues while converting Maildir to PST. To get rid of this situation we have a solution. You can read the mentioned steps to Import Maildir to Outlook without any complexity. 

Automated Solution to Convert Maildir to PST Online

You can use the Maildir Converter tool to convert Maildir or Maildir++ Files to other file formats. So, we have come up with the best solution which enables Mac users to export Maildir to PST, EML, PDF, HTML, MBOX, and many other file formats. You can even directly export Maildir to Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and many other email clients. The interface of this tool makes it one of the best tools for Mac users and it supports all versions of Mac OS.

Advantages of Maildir Converter

  • Convert Maildir to PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, HTML, and many other file formats on Mac.
  • Exports emails and folders of Maildir and Maildir++ files to Office 365, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Thunderbird.
  • It can convert Maildir Files on Mac OS with attachments in bulk.
  • 100% reliable tool and there is no chance of any data loss during the conversion.

Now the question is ‘How to convert Maildir to PST?’ So, below we will discuss the steps to use the tool.

Quick User Guide to Maildir to PST Converter

  • Download the Maildir converter tool and launch it.
  • Now, click on the Browse button and attach the Maildir files you want to convert. Click on the Next button.
  • In the preview, select the necessary folders you wish to export. Hit Next.
  • Choose PST file format from the Save/Backup/Migrate As field.
  • Choose other migration options and finally, click on the Convert button.


In this article, we have shared reliable methods to Convert Maildir to PST. Though the manual approach is easy to perform, it comes with certain limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution which is the Maildir Converter tool. The professional method provides 100% accurate results.

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