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The flooring of your commercial site can make or break the space. This makes choosing the best possible option for your commercial area crucial. One of the several factors to consider is the durability of the flooring. As the activities on these floors are going to be larger in number compared to residential spaces, you need to account for the foot traffic aspect as well. 

Due to advancements in technology, several options are out there to provide attractive yet solid flooring for commercial spaces. You can also check out specific commercial tiles to start your search. 

Confused about which flooring option to go for? Following is a list to make it easier for you to start! 

Get Clarity On What You Need

Before jumping the gun, thoroughly understand your needs, what your commercial space demands, and what are the available options. As you would be well aware, flooring is not something you would want to change again and again. Consequently, getting it right in the first go would be a lot easier in a lot of ways. 

Ask yourself these questions to get some clarity: 

  • What is the purpose of this space?
  • Will this room be required to endure high amounts of foot traffic?
  • Do you need to consider a flooring colour scheme or pattern?
  • Do you need to keep the room sterile?
  • Would you need to regularly deep clean the area? 

If you have the answers to these, discuss with your interior designer and a tile expert to understand which tile fits the bill perfectly, or at least close. This will make your job much easier. 

Industry-Based Flooring Recommendations 

  1. Salon and Spas 

Salons and spas are the spaces where you go to relax and rejuvenate. You will have to model the place considering the basic interior requirement. Keeping in mind the constant foot traffic and the load of the equipment, you will have to opt for much more durable options that are also gentle and easy on the feet of the people working in the space day in and day out. Vinyl flooring is usually a safer option to bet your money on, especially in salons and spas. 

  1. Medical Centres

Medical buildings have extremely high amounts of foot traffic, and that is why their flooring needs to be long lasting as well as heavy traffic-sustaining. If it falters in that department, it can get difficult to replace or remodel the space as with public space. 

Heavy medical equipment, routine wear, and tear are common in such spaces. Linoleum flooring, in this case, is feasible as it makes the transfer of equipment and beds easier and smooth. Moreover, as it is a public health area, sanitation is a big requirement too. So germ-free and anti-bacterial tiles make for a great option. 

  1. Retail Centres 

For these spaces, it all depends on the area of the commercial space. If it’s a mall, you will have to go with aesthetic flooring along with other factors. And while smaller spaces too warrant aesthetic flooring, they can be managed more efficiently with better-performing ones. For such small and medium-sized spaces, vitrified or double body tiles can be a great choice. 

Different Materials That Can Be Used 

  1. Hardwood Flooring 

Even if it’s flooring, traditional wooden flooring can be a statement of elegance and timelessness. If having a proper finish, wood can last for a long time and give the space an elevated look that is beneficial for businesses. 

However, hardwood flooring is usually vulnerable to moisture, humidity, dents, and scratches. Thus, it is recommended to keep a timely check on its maintenance and upkeep. Hire a professional team to do the installation for you to leave no stone (or wood) unturned! You can also check out wooden tiles that give the raw appearance of wood along with an excellently durable body.

  1. Sheet Vinyl Flooring 

Sheet vinyl is simply a kind of flooring material that comes in large, flexible sheets. Unlike traditional vinyl floor tile, sheet vinyl is completely impermeable to water, which can be a huge factor in commercial spaces like restaurants where spills are common occurrences. 

  1. Tile Flooring 

Something that will give you your money’s worth, tiles are a great option for both commercial and residential spaces. Now is the right time to invest in tiles, as besides giving you excellent durability, they are now available in thousands of designs and patterns, which might help with your filtered searches. They also are low-maintenance, so a simple floor wipe and vacuuming every day will prove sufficient for the task. 

  1. Carpet 

While carpet can make for a great aspect regarding insulation, energy efficiency, and lower noise levels, they are difficult to maintain especially in a business setting where daily cleaning might not be possible. Having said that, they are a worthy buy in spaces that are small and see less moisture. 

Commercial spaces or businesses need a well-maintained space that speaks about your passion and works through the interior space. For that, the flooring needs to be solid and long-lasting. Different flooring options for different businesses are available when it comes to choosing materials. Before you invest, understand your needs thoroughly. 

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