Class 12 Chemistry: How to practice Physical Chemistry?

Class 12 Chemistry
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Board exams in Class 12 are of great significance to every student during their educational period. They play an important role in determining the career a student chooses to pursue after class 12. Scoring good marks in the board exams not only indicates students’ academic performance but also helps determine which colleges and universities the students can get into.

Students who opt for the science streams have to study Chemistry as one of the main subjects. Scoring well in it is equally important as in other subjects. Chemistry is undoubtedly the most scoring subject out of the other main subjects and questions asked in the exams are not very complicated or challenging.

The subject is separated into 3 subdivisions: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. And out of the three, physical chemistry is very important to get a thorough understanding of since higher marks can easily be scored with an ample amount of effort and practice.

Here are a few tips for effective practice of Physical Chemistry before your class 12 exam:

  • Refer to the NCERT books
    The most important and useful resource while preparing for your CBSE Class 12 Chemistry exam is the NCERT book. It is highly recommended by all subject teachers to first go through the NCERT and attempt the questions that are provided at the end of every chapter. As CBSE designs the board question papers strictly based on the prescribed NCERT books, solving the questions available in the book will help you score better in the exams.
  • Start with the theoretical section
    While studying for physical chemistry, start your preparation by learning and understanding the theoretical portion. Without a proper understanding of the different theory topics, students will not be able to understand or solve the numericals that come ahead.
  • Do not neglect any chapters
    Often chapters like Solid State Chemistry and Surface Chemistry are overlooked or ignored by the students since they are taught towards the end of the syllabus and all the motivation to study is very low by that point. However, questions are frequently asked from these chapters, and neglecting them will lead to a loss of marks in the exam. Hence, preparing these topics well enough will provide students with an advantage over the majority who neglect the chapters.
  • Solve Sample papers
    Attempting to solve questions papers from previous years as well as sample papers provided by your school or online sources will help you understand the exam pattern as well as identify the recurring questions. This will also help you recognize the topics in physical chemistry that require more practice. Refer to Vedantu ncert chemistry class 12 pdf solution to assess your performance and determine your weak areas.
  • Rectify your mistakes
    While practicing through sample papers, there is always room for improvement and rectification. Identify the mistakes and errors made in the answers and try to understand what part requires more practice and understanding. This will help increase the possibility of scoring higher marks in the exam.
  • Thoroughly understand the Concepts of Equilibrium
    A very important and inseparable part of Physical Chemistry is the concepts of Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium. These concepts occur frequently as a part of various other topics and require students to have a very deep and clear understanding of the concept of the equilibrium constant. Ionic equilibrium involves complex and tricky calculations that also require regular practice to be able to answer the questions correctly in the exam. 
  • Learn formulas
    Physical Chemistry involves various formulas as a part of chapters including Solid State, Electrochemistry, Solution, and Chemical Kinetics. It is crucial to have proper knowledge about the application of these formulas. Students are advised to prepare a list of all the important formulas and memorize them well before the exam. 
  • Solve Numericals
    The majority of questions in physical chemistry require students to perform numerical calculations. Often students lose marks in such questions due to irregular or no practice solving numerical. Regular practice of solving numerical will help students not only understand the methods but also be able to answer such questions with an increased speed.
  • Don’t forget the Constants
    Since many questions in physical chemistry involve calculations, this tip can be very useful for students. There are certain constants that are recurring in a majority of questions. Remembering such constants and knowing how to apply or approximate them will help students save time during the exam. During your preparation, you can figure out other approximations to make calculations easier for you.
  • Do not ignore the Exemplar
    NCERT Exemplars for chemistry are also important along with the main textbooks. The exemplar contains additional exercises and questions including HOTS or High-Order Thinking Skills. Students often tend to ignore the exemplar and miss out on marks when questions are asked from it.
  • Practice writing answers
    Board exams are time-consuming and lengthy. Answers with higher weightage in terms of marks require long and descriptive answers with all the important details to achieve full marks. Practicing your answer-writing skills will help students understand how to make their answers well-presented, credible, and worth the marks. Writing equations and values of parameters at the beginning of a numerical-based answer in physical chemistry will increase the chances of getting higher marks in the subject.
  • Practice regularly
    It is very well-known to all students that practice is the key point that can help you achieve a good grip and mastery in any subject. Regular practice will help students be well-prepared in solving any questions that appear in the exam. However, it is also important for students to understand that practice needs to be properly scheduled as well. Studying one month before your exam will not result in a deep and thorough understanding of the concepts and lead to a loss of marks.


Following these simple tips will help students score better than ever in Physical Chemistry. Make sure to have a well-scheduled study timetable with enough time to revise before your exam. Also, keep in mind to have appropriate breaks, sleep schedules, and eating habits to maintain your physical and mental health.

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