What do you Consider First when choosing a Mechanical Watch?

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Last Updated on July 17, 2024 by Team Experts

Do you still love watches? Despite the new innovations and the facility to see time on your mobile screen or wear small automatic watches, many people still love mechanical watches with classic essence and elegance.

People are bothered by the claim that mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz ones. So they often ask why they should buy a pricey mechanical watch when it wouldn’t tell the right time? But in reality, it is just a myth now.

You will find some fantastic and flawless luxury watches when you search the market. But to know which is best and worthy to buy, you must consider some points. So let’s discuss them now.


The material is primarily a point to check; both case material and band material are essential. Not only for looks but the durability and quality also depend upon it. So, despite the many options, buying a watch with stainless steel case gives resistance to corrosion and heat, a perfect watch to use in even high temperatures.

The Sapphire crystal glass enhances durability and does not break even after being hit by some hard object. The options like leather, silicone, nylon, and metal for band manufacturing are good. Still, fluorine rubber is the winner because of its soft feel, flexibility, and extra feature of resistance to corrosion, oxidation, heat, and sweating.


Weight is something essential to check as you would wear it on your wrist all time. So, a lightweight one is perfect to wear that does not seem too heavy to carry.


Despite the fact that mechanical watches are not as accurate as quartz ones, many people purchase them as a fashion statement since they are so eye-catching. Moreover, the mechanical timepieces demand manual winding, a daily duty. But what if you find a mechanical watch that is accurate and does not need winding. It is possible by watches with automatic movement. As long as the watch is on your wrist, winding it is not essential since it will maintain its power without your assistance. If by chance they stop working, just wear them and they restore their energy by themselves.

Water Resistant

Manufacturers use the water-resistance rating as a standard to demonstrate how effectively a watch can endure water. You should ensure your watch is water-resistant before using it in the shower, rain, or the pool since it will be damaged if it gets wet. Therefore, it is vital to examine this feature before purchasing a watch.


Yes, they seem pricey, but simultaneously the materials, constriction, functionality, and legacy connected with them are worthy. Therefore, it is best to avoid purchasing low-quality mechanical watches and instead carefully consider purchasing a high-quality timepiece since this is an investment and not a question of saving a few dollars.


When it comes to brands, which one would you think can give you the most affordable and accurate mechanical watch? Although it’s difficult and time-consuming to find, for your convenience, I am going to tell you one of the best mechanical watch brands, which offers high-quality, affordable, accurate, and durable watches.

Wishdoit watches has a great range of timepieces that catches everyone’s attention at first glance. These watches, having a mixture of classic and contemporary designs with a pirate theme, don’t need daily winding. They are highly accurate due to their automatic system.

The lightweight with great water-resistant power makes them perfect to wear every time without thinking about even the harsh weather. Furthermore, the Sapphire crystal glass gives them a unique look and durability, thus, preventing the chances of breakage and even scratches. Moreover, using Fluorine Rubber as band material offers another level of resistance against UV radiation, oil, heat, and sweating.

Overall, the features you expect from a quality mechanical watch you will find in wishdoit watches.  


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