CCTV Surveillance Guide – The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

CCTV Surveillance Guide

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No smart home is complete without them, and savvy business owners realize how they offer cost savings with a greater degree of control. Remote monitoring systems are more than alarm systems – they work around the clock to deter crime, detect suspicious activity, record evidence after a break-in or theft, and let businesses and homeowners find peace of mind wherever they are via their smartphones or other devices. 

Here, we’ll cover how remote monitoring systems work as part of CCTV security and the benefits they offer for homeowners and businesses.

How Does Remote Monitoring Work?

A security camera system protects your home and business assets in multiple ways. They act as a deterrent against theft, increase your ability to monitor employees, and can send potentially critical alerts. These systems have come a long way in recent years, thanks to advances in IP (internet protocol) technology. 

By operating online and using cloud-based data storage, modern-day surveillance systems allow users to access and control camera feeds from anywhere on their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Remote monitoring systems are relatively simple to install and configure.

Benefits At Home

The best systems provide superior user control and image quality while remaining cost-effective. Unlike the traditional analog options, IP camera systems allow users to view the security feed from wherever they have an internet connection.

With motion detection, smart mobile alert configurations, night vision, and outdoor capabilities, there are many benefits to setting up remote monitoring systems at home.

  • Reduce false alarms – Not all security systems are equal, and false alarms can cause undue stress and inconvenience – especially if they are configured to alert the authorities. Once the alarm is triggered, a remote access CCTV camera allows viewers to verify the emergency – and keep track of any subsequent damages that may occur.
  • Keep an eye on pets – Remote camera systems let users feel at ease while away from home, whether they have a new puppy or are pet-sitting for a friend. These systems work equally well as baby monitors or for keeping an eye on the babysitter.
  • Secure multiple properties – For homeowners with a country house or a cabin, remote monitoring systems are valuable not only in the case of a break-in but also for monitoring damage from storms or wildlife. With real-time inputs, property owners can make more informed decisions about how best to address the damage.
  • Monitor deliveries – When installed on the porch or near the front door, remote cameras allow homeowners to screen deliveries – even while away. Two-way audio goes a step further, letting homeowners communicate delivery instructions or special requests to delivery workers.
  • Promote peace of mind – Remote camera systems are a blessing when they’re needed, but deliver value even when they aren’t. With IP connectivity, users can avail peace of mind anywhere they are, at any time.
CCTV Surveillance Guide

Benefits For Businesses

Remote monitoring serves as an additional layer of security for a business, whether it has an existing team of security guards on duty or a conventional alarm system installed. Compared to traditional CCTV systems, cloud-based storage systems can offer cost savings while delivering real-time, HD video feeds.

  • Increase security – A pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) IP camera is like having a virtual security guard, allowing business owners to actively investigate suspicious activity or monitor the storefront entirely remotely. These cameras can be used like an extra staff member, or as a way to oversee an existing security team.
  • Detect theft – Whether positioned in the corner of your retail space or at the POS counter, remote cameras offer a front line of defense against theft – from customers or employees. Using smart digital alerts, remote surveillance systems can even prevent theft and break-ins before they occur. 
  • Provide evidence for claims – Providing comprehensive evidence of any damage will aid in the claims process, ensuring full and accurate compensation from insurance companies. They can also be invaluable in disproving fraudulent injury claims. Depending on the system type and configuration, some remote monitoring systems will even result in lower insurance costs.
  • Investigate suspicious activity – Studies indicate that active monitoring can reduce crime by 15%. Aside from the deterrence of a CCTV camera placed outside a business, PTZ cameras allow business owners to actively investigate suspicious activity by controlling the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom to get a better picture. 
  • Monitor employees – Remote monitoring systems protect against employee theft, fraudulent claims, and misconduct. In addition, video evidence can help resolve harassment or discrimination complaints in the workplace. When employees are aware of remote monitoring systems, they are more likely to be on their best behavior.

Remote monitoring systems come in a range of systems and configurations to meet a diverse set of home or business surveillance needs. With IP technology, these systems allow for complete control from a remote device along with secure cloud-based storage for cost savings and ease of access. Choose a remote monitoring CCTV system to safeguard your business or home against theft, vandalism, liability claims, or suspicious activity.

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