How to Choose the Best Trophies For Your Events

Best Trophies For Events

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Melbourne is big on sports and corporate events, which are never complete without those magnificent medals and trophies. Think of all those colorful, shiny, silvery, transparent, abstract, and not-so-abstract medals and trophies that capture your moments of success.

Well, where do you go to buy sports trophies in Melbourne? And how do you choose the medals and trophies for an office event? While you may have some ideas, a trophy store such as Olympia can help you with an assortment of options in each category of the awards.

Whether you want to give away the award for Star of the Night or a plaque to the best signer, you can buy regular and abstract awards online right from your office or home.   

What do trophies mean to your company?

Trophies are the ultimate symbol of achievement and victory. It creates healthy competition among students or coworkers and motivates them to perform better. With award functions, there is always a lot of fun and curiosity about who will take the trophy home. While it sounds like an easy job to pick the trophies, it is certainly not so. With so many options, deciding about the trophies for school, corporate or social functions can be overwhelming. If you, too, are at a roadblock about this aspect, let me help you with some tips and tricks. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Recognizing the achievements of the students or employees is very important. However, before searching for the trophies, decide what they signify. For instance, if you start giving the same trophy to many people, it will lose its significance. But, on the other hand, when a few people who deserve it and work hard for it get the award, it increases the value of the trophy and the title. This further motivates others to do better in their respective fields. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Trophy for Each Award

Here are some tips to help you choose the right medals, plaques, trophies, and cups for your events.

1.   Choose High-Quality Material

The quality of the trophies you opt for says much about your brand. Choose the highest quality trophy because it will represent your company. Before ordering in bulk, make sure that you inspect the quality of the material and see that the picture resembles the actual product. Everything should fit and be sturdy, from crystals and metal to embellishments. Also, ensure the engraving looks classy because it can make or break the trophy’s appearance. Finally, keep the quality of the trophy high.

2.   Think About the Theme

Decide on a theme for the award show. This will make the process of selecting the trophies very easy. Choose trophies accordingly if it is a fun night or awards for certain games. However, if the award is for best employee, student, or team of the year, ensure that you opt for shiny and big trophies. Also, you can integrate the theme’s design into the trophy for a better appearance. Finally, consider factors like the event’s seriousness and the type of trophies you will be giving out to the team.

3.   Buy the Right Size

Keeping a variation in the size of the trophies makes the award more special. Big-sized trophies always indicate the best, something special and well-deserved. You may have noticed that big trophies are always the most special awards or the number one prizes. However, the second and third prizes get smaller trophies. While each award is special, this factor makes the award ceremony more memorable and gives a great feeling to the winners. See how many awards you have, then categorize them into different sizes accordingly.

Best Trophies For Events

4.   The Price Factor

I understand that hosting an award show can be expensive. At the same time, such tokens of appreciation are necessary from time to time to boost the confidence of the employees or the students. After working hard for a long time and winning something, the best and sweetest part is getting recognition from the company. Everyone works hard for this one moment. You may spend a lot on the show but getting good trophies is equally significant. Refrain from trying to adjust the budget when it comes to trophies. Remember that the award ceremony will end in just a couple of hours, but the trophy will be there forever.

5.   Purpose of the Award

If you are still trying to choose sports trophies Melbourne for different categories, think about the purpose of each award. For example, if someone is retiring, give them something memorable that they can keep forever. When an employee achieves a target that no one has done before, acknowledge it by giving a fancy glass trophy. Moreover, if there are people who completed their goals throughout the year, you can give bronze trophies to them. Divide categories and then decide on different designs for each one of them.

6.   Think About Placement

Trophies are great, but handing out the same award to everyone is optional. They may come in several shapes and sizes, like customized pens, plaques, or wall hangings. You can also give something that one can put on their work desk. Choose a service that has everything under one roof itself. From cups, plaques, and medals to giftware, you will find it online.

7.   Customization Possibilities

Customized trophies can look more personalized and add value to the ceremony. Firstly, get the logo of your company printed on the trophy. Or else, you can get the brand’s name written on the trophy to promote your company. Look at different design patterns and ensure that the recipient’s information and the brand’s name can easily fit on the trophy. For plaques, you can even print a picture of the winner for a special memory. If it is a team award, publish the picture of the entire team. Personalized trophies make a stronger impact on whoever is receiving them.

8.   Shape of the Trophies

You can stick to the conventional shape of the trophies. Experiment with different shapes and sizes for various categories. The engraving plays a significant part, so you need to ensure that it is attractive and bold and enhances the overall appearance of the trophy. Check out Olympia for amazing deals and endless trophy options. 

In Conclusion

I am sure you will have some great memories of the trophies you’ve won as a student or a sportsperson. Of course, you may have also won such awards in your profession. But if it comes to choosing appropriate trophies and awards for an event, how would you do this?

After reading this post, you may have some ideas. To create stronger bonds with the winner, customize the trophies to make them feel truly special. Acknowledgment completes hard work, so remember to attach sentiments with the trophies.

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