Benefits of Integrating a POS with online ordering

Benefits of Integrating a POS
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Imagine yourself amid a busy restaurant day with all tables occupied with customers. And a customer orders a pizza with olives, and to add to your chaos, you are running out of olives.

Is this situation impressive? Will it help you enhance your customer satisfaction? No.

But why did this chaotic issue happen, and what can be the possible solution?

It happened as you were trying to manage orders, customers, and restaurant stock manually. Manual handling of tasks is more prone to errors and delays.

The best way out is to integrate the Restaurant POS with online ordering enabling you to automate day-to-day restaurant operations. Integrating POS with an online food ordering platform helps manage customers, orders, and inventory efficiently.

In addition, it helps save time, improves productivity, and provides faster and more efficient service to customers.

What are the benefits of Restaurant POS Integration with Online Ordering?

Point-of-sale integrations combine hardware and software, providing restaurants with many benefits. From managing orders to deliveries, employees to inventory, restaurants can manage everything efficiently by integrating POS systems with online restaurant ordering.

Let us look at the various benefits restaurants enjoy with an online food ordering system for their restaurant.

Increased order accuracy

Online food ordering systems enable customers to place orders anytime at their convenience. In addition, they can also place an order for later, hours or days in advance. Thus, it benefits customers and restaurants to manage orders efficiently.

Integrating the POS system with your online food ordering system helps you keep your menu connected and synchronised. It is more beneficial for chain restaurants that can keep their menu updated across all locations.

Any changes or additions to the menu will be automatically updated, eliminating the need for manual updates and human errors.

Secondly, orders taken on the phone are more prone to human and communication errors. It can lead to food wastage & frustrated customers. A single mistake can mean losing a customer forever.

Online food ordering systems help restaurants manage orders more accurately. Written orders help avoid missed information or wrong orders.

Better customer satisfaction

An easy and accurate ordering process leads to higher customer satisfaction. A written order offers more clarity for the kitchen staff to prepare meals.

Also, it is highly beneficial for consumers allergic to certain foods or with dietary restrictions. Many online ordering systems even offer specific checkboxes enabling customers to show allergies. Kitchen staff can easily identify them and adjust ingredients for the order.

Such a convenient ordering experience gives consumers higher satisfaction and builds the reputation of restaurants.

When customers can order online, they don’t have to wait in long queues at the restaurant. They can order from their smartphone and choose either takeout or delivery.

Secondly, restaurant owners can run referral and loyalty programs with online ordering systems to reward customers. Who prefers to avoid getting special discounts and offers?

Delight your customers with loyalty points and rewards and get your customers to promote your restaurant with their powerful word or mouth.

Customer data

With an online food ordering system, restaurants can gain customers’ data. The information includes customer food preferences, order history, most ordered food, etc.

Food business owners can utilize this data to plan the menu, personalize marketing strategies, and customize discounts and offers. Thus, they can make data-driven and informed decisions to grow their sales and expand their customer base.

Instant Pay Options

Online food ordering systems enable customers to pay securely and instantly. They can browse the menu, place an order, and pay securely via the mobile app. This convenience and security of payment make customers come back again.

Personalized Marketing

Modern restaurant POS systems allow restaurant owners to gather information about customers. They can know their food preferences well to deliver a personalised dining experience.

For instance, suppose a customer regularly orders an Oreo milkshake with its Pizza. Restaurants can use this information to generate a pop-up suggestion of adding an Oreo milkshake to add to their order. It is a delightful experience for customers, making them repeat orders.

Another example of personalised marketing can be sending customised messages to customers. You can wish your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries and offer special discounts to win their hearts.

Secondly, you can wish customers on festivals with personalised messages and greetings. It shows that you appreciate them and want to see them back. These small gestures melt their hearts and make them stick to your brand.


Online ordering systems enable you to deliver better customer experiences every time. Your consistency in delivering them what they desire makes customers stick and return for repeat orders.

With more efficient services, you can motivate new customers, boost your sales, and increase profits. Integrating your POS system with online ordering can help you achieve constant profits.

More Revenue

With an online ordering system, restaurants can expand their services beyond a locality. They can reach a wider audience online and aim for higher sales and revenue.

Restaurants with POS systems integrated with online ordering websites have witnessed a 20-25% increase in profit.

Secondly, they can promote their restaurant on social media for better customer reach. Higher visibility online and on social handles leads to increased revenue.

Thirdly, customers spend more time and money while ordering online rather than dine-in. While ordering online, they can spend as much time as they feel like placing the order. Unlike dine-ins, they don’t have the pressure to wrap the order quickly.

When customers scan the menu more, they are more likely to try different dishes and order more. Thus, it helps restaurant owners earn higher revenues.


Integrating a point of sale (POS) system with an online ordering platform can provide numerous benefits for businesses in the food service industry. By streamlining the ordering and payment process, businesses can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction.

However, for an easier integration process ensure that your POS system is compatible with the online ordering system.

Online ordering allows for greater convenience and accessibility for customers, leading to increased sales and revenue.

Additionally, POS integration can provide valuable data insights and analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and optimize operations. As technology continues to shape how we do business, integrating a POS system with online ordering is crucial to staying competitive.

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