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Then and now is an intriguing record of history and development since the era of the camera age. It combines past images, several ages-old, with unique commissioned scenes of similar views as it is present today to display the growth of Atlanta from its early years to the different city it is today.

Staked out in the wilderness of northeast Georgia in 1837 is the site known as the termination spot for the unbuilt railroad line, which later became Atlanta. Since that period, transportation has become a significant factor affecting the city’s development, from its reputation as the distribution center in the Civil War, last name as the Gate City of the South in 1857, to its present identity as the home of the country’s famous airport.

In the 19th century, Atlanta introduced itself in a substantial international exposition where the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games were hosted worldwide. Atlanta has witnessed massive growth as it gradually develops from a rural terminal to an urban city.

Sites in Atlanta include

  • Hunter
  • Peachtree
  • Inman Park
  • Terminal Station
  • Alabama
  • Train Gulch, Marietta, and more

First Time Travelers To the US

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Meet People in Atlanta

Atlanta is a developing city with nearly five hundred thousand citizens living in the city. Making friends and meeting new people with a similar passion is not as complicated compared to other cities such as Los Angeles.

Join a Meetup

This is an excellent medium for meeting new people, especially in the local communities. Examples of meetups include Egyptian yoga, single mixers, photo workshops, and food and chef events.

Join a Gym

For fitness enthusiasts, joining a gym is the best way to encounter people in a new city. Some city workout facilities include the training room in Virginia-Highland or CrossFit in Midtown.


Volunteering offers you the opportunity to assist people and meet with them in a new city. There are several volunteers works in Atlanta, like meal packing for Open Hand Atlanta.

Best Parks in Atlanta for Picnics

There are several green spaces around the suburbs and in the city, even though Atlanta is busy. The citizens find it interesting to bring their dogs to the park for fun, run or stroll around. Moreover, there are several chances for taking beautiful pictures at any of the parks in Atlanta.

  • Brook Run Park

This Park offers bright play structures with shades to prevent the sun from coming in, and the play structures are separated for older children and toddlers. Search for a bench or a grassy spot and place a blanket on it to have lunch.

  • Chastain Park

Vast trails enclose the golf course and grassy areas. Chastain Park has oodle swings, musical spaces, and bumpy slides for kids.

  • Piedmont Park

This large park at the core of Atlanta has many oak trees where you can find shade under and spread out a blanket for your picnic. There are several rooms and two playgrounds for kids to have fun.

  • The BeltLine

This is one of the best spots for a picnic, with access to several food selections. Beside it is the Historic Fourth Ward Park, which had a playground filled with swings, trampoline, and climbing elements.

  • Swift-Cantrell Park

This is one of the parks in Kennesaw, with playgrounds, bridges, climbers, and several spots for picnics found in Atlanta. The lawn area features outdoor movies in the summer.

Places to Play Pool in Atlanta

Whether you are interested in One pocket, Snooker, Eightball, or Cutthroat, there is a pool bar available in Atlanta that has everything you need. Since the early 2000s, the sport of pool has gradually become famous in the US. Pool tables are seen more frequently in restaurants and bars, with several of them providing free play if you dine with your friends there. Below are some of the famous pool spots in Atlanta:

  • Smith’sSmith’s Olde Bar

Though Smith’sSmith’s bar is known as one of the top music spots in Atlanta, it is also known as the best pool hall in the city. The pool hall has several people playing due to the daily food and drink specials like Fox Bros.

  • Corner Tavern

The Corner Tavern has offered Midtown the best beverage and food over the years and a few of the best pool games. On Monday, there is a free pool tournament in Corner Tavern at 8 p.m., and the top leading positions are awarded cash prizes.

  • Cues

This pool spot is perfect for professional pool players and is accessible all day, including free tables during the lunch period. Tournaments and leagues are organized every week to satisfy the competitive spirit of players.

  • Tony’s Sports Bar & Grill

Tony’s bar is located in Sandy Springs, and you can play a few pool games while dining and enjoying live music at the bar. Tony’s has four tables facing the view of every television in the bar. As you practice your skills with the top pool players in North Fulton, you can try the desserts, pizzas, and appetizers offered in the bar and grill.

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