How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Future of Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been playing a vital role in industries like HR for decades. AI came into the picture in the health industry recently. AI has helped the digital platform to emerge from low to high.   

COVID-19 has played a major role in the healthcare industry. People are more aware of their health and the medicine they are taking. Before the pandemic, online medicine was considered a promotional activity. Telemedicine is a soil in the tree of telehealth. It is clear like a crystal that telehealth has the power to transform the relationship between doctor and patient.

As per the research of RepoterLinker, in the US the telehealth market might be increased up to 28% by 2026.  AI has been projected to be a $6 billion industry by 2021. A McKinsey review predicted that healthcare is one of the top 5 industries that involve AI & more than $1 billion USD has already been raised by start-ups.

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming

In this blog you will learn the meaning of AI, different work areas of telemedicine and how AI can change the life of the healthcare system.

It was a dream of John McCarthy that one day “Artificial Intelligence” will come forward in diagnosing our health through the internet in distant locations too. And this came into the limelight after 50 years.

This generation has already adopted telemedicine in the metro speed, that includes taking care of patients remotely, without being present and the demand of AI is increasing every second to grow further.

The main objective behind AI in telemedicine is that doctors can consult their patients by video conferencing, by audio calls, through text messages and so on. AI is currently limited to Tele-radiology, telepathy, Tele-dermatology and Tale-psychiatry. AI is already covering the world of telemedicine through different services in terms of execution.

Let us understand the Present and Future of Telemedicine:

1. Assume that we can improve the healthcare system by developing large data:

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the world has already developed the stereotyped electronic health record program and increased the data of patient records.  AI also provides promising opportunities to evaluate insights and little interference in enhancing healthcare outcomes. At the time of pandemic when the vaccine was yet to be developed, telemedicine was the biggest hope as it can easily recognize the symptoms, improvement in the patients health with the help of Artificial Intelligence and other learning techniques.

2. The early detection of the patient health:

In the computer there is a diagnostic support system through which doctors can easily identify the symptoms of various diseases. AI is the real time supporter in identifying risk patients. Currently various companies are developing health systems which are based on a patient’s electronic health record. We can take an example of “Aarogya Setu ” an application developed by the government of India to track the symptoms of coronavirus. 

Currently technology which we use for the healthcare industry is on a basic stage. Sooner or later with the help of Artificial Intelligence data science and telemedicine will perform better.

3. AI helps in increasing the automatic representative:

Healthcare industry has already started taking care of AI in the healthcare infrastructure and successfully combining the various diseases. The technology is developing so fast that recently Apple has launched the Apple watch which can track the heart rate and also be able to generate electrocardiograms without going to hospital as all patients don’t need treatment, but sometimes they all need assistance.

Benefits of Telemedicine Application

Before a decade, Telemedicine was used in a limited way, but now it has become a mainstream for healthcare professionals and patients due to the awareness of health and the high speed of the internet. This approach is more popular in patients due to its numerous advantages.

It saves your time and cost:

This is so amazing that you can consult your doctor without stepping away from your home. It saves your transport cost and your time too. Your doctor is just a call away for video consultancy, for a call or a text message. 

No need to take a leave from the workplace:

Visiting your doctor physically will skip your work day. Where digital consultancy will remove the need of off time. You can easily schedule a call with your healthcare professional as per your convenience. You can also take a follow up call and maintain your health as per their instruction without taking a day off.

Specialist Doctor a call away: 

There are some patients who need special care or need to consult a specialist and they have to drive for hours which takes a lot of time for each visit. Telemedicine makes this easy and possible with the help of AI. It can help you to contact the specialist who is nearby your stay. 

More safe for patients: 

Already the patient is sick and visiting the physician might cause a lot of difficulties and any might get more infected. And by asking for home consultation you get the care you need by avoiding the risk of infection  and you’ll not pass your illness to someone else. 

What are the challenges of AI in the Healthcare Industry?

AI is successful in every industry but does AI safe and successful in the healthcare industry? Patient’s data are stored in AI. Is there any chance of data to be leaked? Let us discuss some of the major challenges AI faces in the healthcare industry.

1. Will doctors look at the huge recorded data?

To wear smartwatches is the status symbol and it’s in trend also. But this is a serious concern. Thousands of people are wearing Apple Watch, Fit bits, and some other smart watches, all of which are capable of monitoring heart rate and other health care issues. But have you thought what if doctors may not take any urgent action from their data, will you say this emergency?

Therefore, it is advisable to develop Telemedicine to grow further. You must imply the community standards that can handle the large data for strong implementations.

2. Is AI at the stage where it can replace doctors?

Answer is No. AI is in progress. In fact the demand for AI has increased from some years, it has also helped doctors to reduce clerical work such as in maintaining huge data records and much more.

But AI cannot replace doctors, as it is not human. No doubt it can be enabled in listening conversations, it can also render automated patients charts for doctors to evaluate. At the end doctors are needed so it is for sure that AI cannot replace doctors.

3. Will everyone look for AI in telemedicine?

Not for all, person to person thinking is different, some might not be comfortable with digital consultations, while some may have a language gap or some might not have devices which operate AI.

As the issue of online healthcare to be solved is still not that easy for everyone, but experts believe that over the next five year it will be easy for rural to urban people.

Future of Artificial Intelligence:

From the window of AI, the demand for smarter healthcare will increase exponentially. As we all know medical professionals continue to do innovation in the field of medicine, they need the assistance of telemedicine and for robotic procedures to improve the modern healthcare solutions.

Naturally this will decrease the responsibility of professionals while also creating job opportunities. If AI is accepted by all the healthcare institutions than they will be able to deliver healthcare service 24*7.

Wrapping Up:

With numerous healthcare issues as well as a growing population, AI plays a vital role in providing telehealth facilities, healthcare solutions and also operating the telemedicine industry by ensuring quality as well as patient care.

With 9+ years of experience in developing healthcare apps and AI, our team can guide the development of AI for your healthcare industry. You can contact our experts you can quote us or ask for a demo.

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