Choose the right framework – Angular.JS vs React vs Vue.JS

Angular.JS vs React vs Vue.JS

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The website development industry is constantly growing.  In order to meet with the present trends as well as ensure timely project delivery,  several frameworks have been introduced in the market. 

Nowadays, Angular, React, and Vue have gained immense popularity in the industry. And there is a debating topic about which framework is best in terms of performance doing rounds in the market. 

In this blog post, we will discuss these angular vs react vs vue frameworks. Along with this, we have also covered the major differences among them that every developer should know. 


Vue.js is the progressive JavaScript framework. It is based on  open-source and  model–view–viewmodel attributes. This technology is mainly used to develop user interfaces and single page applications. Created by Evan and is maintained by him and his core team members. It is written in JavaScript and TypeScript as well as launched under MIT License. In order to leverage all the benefits of the Vue.JS framework, partner with Vue.JS development company. 

Advantages of Vue.JS

  • Easy to learn 
  • Highly supports Single Page Applications
  • Provides detailed documentation 
  • Facilitates two way communications
  • Simple Integration with third parties 


It is a popular Javascript based open source front end web development framework. This technology is written in Javascript and supported by JavaScript engine. Launched under MIT License and is maintained by Google. Angular.JS is also known as the superheroic JavaScript MVW framework. It supports Model View Controller and is also wrapped with powerful features to build enrich based single page applications. 

This technology is part of the popular MEAN technology stack that means it can be combined with different frameworks such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, and Node.JS. Majorly developers prefer to opt for this framework as it requires less coding and programmers are enabled to reuse the code with multiple projects. 

Advantages of Angular.JS 

  • Declarative UI
  • Two-way data binding
  • Responsive web
  • Inbuilt testing tools 
  • Maintained by Google 
  • Rapid Development 


React is known as the Javascript library to build user interfaces. It is based on open source and maintained by Facebook. This technology is written in JavaScript, launched under MIT License and supports web platforms.

This updated version ensures to resolve the issues such as high traffic and also turns out to be beneficial for the users to maintain the traffic on usual basis. Many top reputed companies such as WhatsApp, PayPal, and Instagram have also started opting for this technology. 

Advantages of React 

  • SEO friendly
  • High quality code 
  • Boost developers productivity
  • Delivers dynamic applications 
  • Updated with latest technologies 

In this blog, we have provided some of the important information about these technologies. Furthermore, we will be providing some of the important differences between AngularJS, React, and Vue.JS. 

Major Differences between AngularJS, React, and Vue.JS. 

1) Flexibility

Angular JS 

Angular JS is highly preferred for its flexible attribute as it offers routes and templates to boost the development process. Along with this, it reduces the dependency on the third party tools such as routing libraries to integrate different functionalities. In order to start the coding process, programmers are able to opt for the Angular package. 


In terms of flexibility, as compared to Angular, React doesn’t provide that level of library support.  But it offers full freedom to the developers to choose the tools as per their project requirements. 

Vue JS 

This technology provides add ons for the developers to support the routing process. 

2) Community Support

Angular JS

Undoubtedly, this technology has strong community support as it is introduced by Google and even it has the support of the top enterprises. Due to both these reasons this framework has strong community support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


React also has strong community support as it is also launched by Facebook. Hence, developers are constantly working to improve this framework.

Vue JS

When it comes to Vue JS, till now this technology doesn’t have strong community support as it is new to the industry. Also it is still not quite popular among developers. 

3) Framework Size 


Angular framework size is 500 Kb, and it offers huge functionalities to the developers. It is huge in size but supported by the advanced features. If you are searching for the lightweight framework, then Angular isn’t for you. 


React is lesser than Angular framework size, it is within 100 kb and suitable for several lightweight applications. 


Vue fits in 80Kb size and as compared to React and Angular.JS it is smallest in size and perfect for lightweight based solutions.


Angular,  React, or Vue, to choose the right technology among them is a daunting task for the developers as it offers advanced functionalities and supports to boost your development process. In this blog, we have provided you some of the important details about these technologies along with important differences.


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