9 Must Have PC Software For Windows 10

PC Software For Windows 10

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PC software For windows 10, when you build a new Windows 10 machine, it comes with many pre-installed apps. However, you do not find all of them as useful and therefore you look for some other software that helps you to gain the maximum output from your PC. So in this article we will be discussing about 9 such must have PC software that will not only boost the performance of your PC but also provide it an all round security. Out of all the discussed softwares some are free and some will cost you, however, do believe they are worth paying.

1. Systweak Antivirus

PC Software For Windows 10

We all believe that nothing is more important than to protect our computer from malware, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, and other infections. And what’s better than Systweak Antivirus that protects your PC with all the prevailing threats. The real time protection offered by the product let it run in the background to protect your computer from all the viruses and Malware in real time. Moreover, it offers 3 different types of scans, quick, deep and custom that helps you to choose between scanning the entire system or specific folders.

The user-interface of the product is also quite neat and tidy that lets even the novice user to navigate between various features offered by the product.

Malware Protection, Exploit Protection, Startup Manager, Stop All Ads(extension) are some other features of the product that make it a best PC software

2. Iolo System Mechanic

PC Software For Windows 10

Who doesn’t want his PC to be always up and running. However, very few of us have that advanced knowledge to optimize our system performance by using various system tweaks. So for all such comes handy Iolo’s System Mechanic that fixes and speeds up your PC with just a few clicks. Its advanced scan engine helps to deeply clean the junk files, frees trapped memory, defragment the drive that makes the PC fast and stable. Its ease of use and compatibility with Windows version 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (XP/Vista up to v16.0.0.10) makes it a complete tool for overall optimization of the system.

3. Systweak VPN

PC Software For Windows 10

If you wish to have complete online anonymity and data privacy while surfing on the internet then Systweak VPN  is a must have PC software for you. This best in class VPN tool effectively hides your IP address so that you can not only surf the internet anonymously but also access your favorite content without any geographical restrictions.

With over 200+ locations, 53+ countries and 4500+ servers offers a huge global network that offers unlimited bandwidth, server uptime, and unmatched speed.

Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, Military Grade Encryption, are some other features that makes Systweak VPN, a best in class PC software in its category.

4. Skype

PC Software For Windows 10

This tool doesn’t need any introduction, as it is used for years by millions of users from all round the globe to connect with each other. Although it has been years passed, Skype is still the number one choice between the users to place voice/video calls, illustrate presentations, screen share, record meetings and organize video conferencing.

Apart from calling from Skype to Skype, you can also use Skype to call your friends and family on landline and mobiles that too at nominal price.

5. VLC Media Player:

PC Software For Windows 10

Some may thought that when Windows comes with inbuilt media player i.e. Windows Media Player, but you will better know why we recommend it as the best pc software for playing video files when you start using it. 

VLC Media Player free to use software helps you to play almost all popular media files along with DVDs, Audio CDs and various streaming protocols.

6. Advanced Disk Recovery

PC Software For Windows 10

The next must have PC software in the list is Advanced Disk Recovery. As the name suggests it helps you to recover accidentally deleted files from your computer. Although, it is not one of the tools that you require daily but it can be a much needed program when you have lost your important images, videos or other document files.

Moreover, Advanced Disk Recovery not only helps you to recover the deleted files from your PC but also from the external drive, like your external hard drive or SD card. The interface of the product is also user friendly that will help you in searching your permanently deleted files.

7. LastPass

PC Software For Windows 10

We all know the importance of having a strong password for our accounts. Now the problem with setting a strong password is that they are hard to remember. And if you have multiple accounts then remembering the password for all the accounts becomes even more difficult. Therefore, what we all need is a password manager that manages and securely saves our password for all of our accounts. And when we talk about password managers then we all know that LastPass is the best PC software in its category.

Apart from effectively securing and managing your passwords, LastPass also helps you to generate strong passwords, store your digital records, and monitor if any of your personal information is at risk. This amazing tool comes with both free as well as paid version.

8. Driver Easy

PC Software For Windows 10

An outdated driver not only degrades the performance of your computer but also causes issues like computer crashes and BSOD. Therefore it is always recommended to update your drivers with the latest available updates. Now, since manual updating the obsolete drivers is an uphill task, therefore you need an automatic driver updater tool like Driver Easy that quickly repair your free pc repair software for windows pc  for the outdated drivers and provides you with their latest compatible drivers.

The product comes with both Free and Pro versions. The FREE version downloads all the drivers that you require, so you can install them manually, however the PRO version installs them automatically.

9. Adobe Photoshop CC 

Now, although we have listed Adobe Photoshop at the last, this doesn’t diminish its worth. It is still one of the must have PC software for windows 10 when it comes to image editing. For years, whether an amateur or professional trusted this software to edit the images and give them a new dimension.

Apart from image editing you can use this powerful software to create logos, banners, icons etc. 


So folks, this is our list of 9 must have PC software for windows 10 that you need to have on your computer if you want to get the most out of it.

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