5 Things You Need to Know About PEMF

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What is PEMF therapy? Pulsed electromagnetic field or low field magnetic stimulation (LFMS) is a noninvasive technology that stimulates and encourages the body’s natural recovery process using electromagnetic waves.

Before considering and buying a PEMF therapy plan, People usually have a lot of questions and confusion in their minds regarding its safety and efficacy. Is it safe? How will it improve my physical and mental health? Are electromagnetic waves dangerous for the human body?

If you are having the same questions in your mind regarding PEMF, don’t worry. We are here to answer. Below are described the 5 most important things you need to know about PEMF and its working.

1.   PEMF Therapy Is Completely Safe

Is this Therapy Safe? The answer is “Yes”. The intensity of pulsed electromagnetic waves and their exposure time are the two most important things to consider while discussing the safety of PEMF. The frequency of electromagnetic waves used in therapy is usually low. Most of them fall in the range of 5-30Hz.This is similar to those you would encounter in nature, even less than a thunderstorm.

Moreover, most of the PEMF therapy sessions last for 10-20 minutes. During these sessions, the machines burst electromagnetic frequencies in areas of the body and brain requiring healing.

This implies that therapy is generally a safe alternative technique for most people. X- Ray could be dangerous, but PEMFs are entirely safe. Although, there are certain people who should not use PEMF machines. But that does not mean machines are dangerous for everyone. However, it is better to consult your doctor before considering a therapy plan.

2.   It Is Not an Electric Shock

When people read about this, the first thing that comes to their mind is that PEMF is the same as electricity or an electroconvulsive therapy that send electric current throughout the patient’s body. This may frighten some people as they are not aware of the actual mechanism.

 This is not how it works. Actually, PEMF uses electricity to generate electromagnetic fields that penetrate the patient’s body to heal, energize and repair the cells and body. Unless electricity, PEMFs are totally safe and harmless.

3.   PEMF Is FDA Approved

This miraculous therapy is not used worldwide without trials or clinical experiments. In 1979, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for the healing of nonunion fractures. In 1998, the FDA approved Therapy for urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation.

In 2004, the FDA approved Therapy for cervical fusion patients at high risk of non-fusion. In 2006, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety. In 2007, FDA approved all such stimulation devices. In 2011, the FDA approved Therapy for the treatment of brain cancer.

4.   PEMF Offers Alternative Treatment

Today more and more people are aware and concerned of the unwanted side effects of prescription medicines. Patients now want a safe alternative therapy that gets them rid of the toxic effects of medication therapy. Therapy gives you a safe option to treat a number of conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, and osteoarthritis, etc.

5.   It’s a Smart Investment

PEMF machines are surprisingly reasonable. They cost not exactly most medical procedures you can find treadmills and bikes that cost more than PEMF machines. They are significantly more reasonable when you consider that PEMF machines can save money on future clinical expenses and medical clinic bills. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a financially savvy venture for your wellbeing. Wellbeing pays off; this is valid for your wellbeing and for your finance.


PEMF is a safe and effective alternative to conventional therapies. This FDA approved therapy is cost effective and offers a number of alternative options for various physical and mental ailments.

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