How to Proceed in Choosing Winter Hats for Women

Winter Hats for Women

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Dropping temperatures should not dampen your spirit to achieve your fashion goals. You can choose the right type of headgear as part of the winter wear, including a cashmere sweater, a cozy scarf, and statement coat must-haves for the wardrobe in the cold season. Knowing about womens hat styles should help pick the most fabulous hat that keeps you comfortable and fashionable.   The variety of winter hats for women offers many options to experiment with hats that can match any setting and go well with any type of outfit, formal or casual. But it is important to know what you should look for in winter hats so that you can create the hottest looks even when the weather is sullen and tends to spoil the mood. Choosing the right hat for the situation will lift the spirits and make you feel happy.

How to choose winter hats

As told earlier, you should strike the right notes when choosing winter hats, or else things could be pretty messy. Remember that the hat material, color, and size are vital to deciding which type of hat would be best for you. Indeed, the fit must be correct, but unless there is perfect harmony between the elements, it can be hard to get what you need. 

Go for some bright fabric – Cold seasons occasionally have harsh weather, which tends to dampen the mood as moving outdoors can be quite challenging.  To overcome the drab weather, choose some bright and luxe fabric for your hats, like fine merino wool or cashmere. For adding warmth and glamour, pay attention to faux fur lining or sheepskin that creates mixed textures.

 Express creativity with colors – Winter is the time to express yourself in bright colors. Even if you incline neutral tones or basic black, break the monotony by trying new colors. Discard the monochromatic look and replace it with a bright orange pom-pom hat. 

Experiment with proportion – Trying out some new hat size is one of the ways to choose winter hats. However, it does not mean that you can ignore the fit because an ill-fitting hat is the last thing anyone would ever think of. Play with the proportion of the hat design to add more variety to the style. For example, try wearing a slouchy beanie above your ears instead of the usual close fitting cuff-beanie covering your ears.

Now, let us look at some hat styles that can make women look more beautiful in winter.


Berets, the soft brimless hats, can make any woman look flattering. These woolen hats look equally good when made from acrylic or crocheted cotton and are one of the best winter hats you can wear until the days start warming a little. But if you intend to cover your ears, then the beret would not be suitable for you. If you cannot do without a beret but need to cover your ears, too, then pair it up with a faux fur collar or a knitted scarf to keep you warm. 

The appeal of berets depends on the way you wear them and although there is no fixed rule for it, try out different angles. Put it at the center of your head, tilt it to one side, or push it slightly backward to see which creates the best looks for your face shape

Winter Beanie

No winter wardrobe can be complete without the winter beanie, which is the quintessential winter headgear for women that are available in every fabric, shape, and color that you can think of. It is unthinkable not to have a winter beanie even if you do not have some other kind of winter hat in your wardrobe.  The versatile hat suits everyone regardless of the frame size and suits all occasions, whether playful or serious. You can create fun looks with a ribbed pom-pom beanie upon the cowl neck sweater. Beanies look luxurious when made from merino wool or cashmere. For enjoying excellent insulation minus wool, a chunky knit beanie is an ideal choice. 

Wool fedora

For creating the timeless classic looks, wearing a wool fedora in winter seems most apparent. However, some people have reservations about fedoras as they are unable to differentiate them from the trilby. A fedora will make you look outstanding in any outfit due to its defining center crease, soft brim, and the pinches on each side that reminds you of the traditional style that remains popular even after almost 150 years. 

To get the most from the fedora, match it with an oversized sweater, pair of leggings, and cozy winter boots that make you look glamorous during the day. During the night, switch over to a wide-brim fedora accompanied by a dress, a plush coat, and knee-high boots that provide the glamorous touches to your looks.  

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