Why YouTube Videos is Hottest Growth Right Now

YouTube Videos
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In March 2021, YouTube released its new feature that allows users to post vertical videos with a duration of 60-second or less. And since then, it has gained significant traffic. According to the YouTube CEO, YouTube shorts racked up 3.5 billion views in a day during its beta testing in India (Source).

One of the main reasons for such popularity and the vast number of views that we can estimate is: Average time spent on YouTube is 18 minutes (source), and with shorts that last for a maximum of 60 seconds, viewers can watch more videos.

Marketers wouldn’t miss out on using it as their marketing strategy as they have the hottest growth right now. Want to know why? 

Here is why:

Why YouTube Short Videos Have The Hottest Growth

#1 Videos get more exposure

In recent times, you would have noticed that whenever you log in to your social media account, your feed will show video content within a few seconds of scrolling. And this is because video content works better with most algorithms, and it captures viewers’ attention.

And that is why even Instagram, which started as a photo-sharing app, has more engagement on videos than other content types (source). 

So, it simply means people prefer videos over other content because videos are visually appealing, provide more details, and engage users. And all these factors add up to make YouTube videos one of the hottest growing content.

#2 Platforms boost new feature 

Every brand tends to promote its new product to encourage adoption. Adoption here means an act where people adapt to the product or service. The same goes for social media platforms as well.

Social media platforms promote their new feature to get used to it and adapt to the new feature. We witnessed that when Instagram launched Reels. And same we are witnessing with YouTube.

If you use YouTube on your mobile devices, you would have noticed the “Shorts” tab on the YouTube phone application. All are the measures to promote the new feature. 

So if you are thinking about posting a video using YouTube Shorts, then my friend, this is the right time. Think of engaging content and upload it on YouTube shorts without any second thought.

#3 Viewers prefer them

A recent study shows that views prefer video content (source) over articles, photos, posts, and podcasts. In short, people consume video content the most. And hence consumers expect that brands provide them video content explaining their business or product.

And as we know, video provides a more pursuable way to engage the audience. Showcase brand’s face or brand’s story humanizes your business and helps create a more profound and emotional connection with the viewer or consumer.

Moreover, videos have more shelf values, which means that video contents get more engagement and stick around longer. They are also rewatchable as people prefer rewatching the video they liked. 

And that is because video content typically generates more interaction and sharing, and people tend to save them for rewatching whenever they want. So these measures keep the videos longer in the ecosystem and hence get more traction.

#4 It appeals to Gen-Z

Gen-Z are much more connected to the internet compared to any other generation. Therefore their opinion matters the most. 

According to research, 71% of Gen-Z teens use their devices to watch videos online (source). And that adds as another factor for such popularity of videos contents, especially from YouTube. Moreover, these short videos require less attention. It means, even if people are in a hurry or want to spend less time on the internet, they still can watch the complete video.

#5 It can be used for cross-promotion marketing

In this digital age, people always share their content all across the platforms to capture more audiences and receive more views.

Short videos can be shared on different social media platforms as they have a perfect format to adjust on different platforms.

Similarly, you can even showcase videos on your websites using social media aggregator tools. These tools ease the process to embed YouTube Channels & Videos and help you to display content on your different website platforms. It not only promotes your videos but also enhances your website’s beauty. 

#6 Videos are a powerful sales tool

As per the saying, pictures say thousands of words, which might sound cliche, but it is true. Now imagine the videos. They might be worth a million words, which makes them one of the significant reasons why videos are such powerful tools. 

Through videos, you can explain your product better, and even viewers will be able to relate to it as they have social proof. Now talking about duration, shorts have a 60-seconds limit, which is enough for a brand to introduce their product. And as we mentioned earlier, people like to consume video content. So it is a win-win situation.

Summing It Up

Visual-based content has always been the critical ingredient for marketers to promote their brand and product. And the world witnessed modification, the visual content transformed. Staying with the recent trend, these short video formats are gaining a lot of popularity, which is why giants like Instagram and YouTube are trying to make complete use of them. As of now you know why these short videos are trending, we hope you will think about uploading some and providing your business a boost. 

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