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Nowadays, we can witness a deluge of cars on the road, which is raising a difficult car parking situation. The need for car parking app is growing at a rapid pace. Due to the growing number of cars on the roads, people have to struggle to find a safe and suitable parking area. When people end up without seeing a convenient parking lot or place, they park their vehicle in any random corner they find. 

The wrong parking sometimes causes car owners to have to deal with some damage. Moreover, one wrong car parking harms the particular vehicle and hampers other car owners to go through a lot of hustle in finding the suitable parking space. Now, in this digital era, mobile app innovation has transformed the way we use to park our vehicles in the past. 

The time has gone when we have to battle for finding the right parking area. Finding a parking area is a very time-consuming task. Custom car parking app development has simplified this task and saved a lot of people’s lives. With the help of innovative mobile applications, users can easily find a nearby parking space. Moreover, car parking apps also notify users about the located parking area.   

Let’s have a quick look at the key features of a customized car parking application:

User App Features


Users can register themselves to utilize the further service of the application. They can use their mobile no., e-mail ID, and name for registration. 

Location tracking

The parking finder mobile app includes navigation features that allow users to track the vehicle’s location, real-time position, and the estimated distance between the vehicle location and parking area.

Search option

Users can find the parking space in a particular area, city, location, and reserve a specific parking space as per the convenience.

Estimated time

Users will get charged for the time the car will be parked in a particular area. They can get the estimated time between arrival and exit of the vehicle for the parking area.

Booking option

This is the most vital feature that allows users to pre-book or book on-demand for the parking space before visiting any place.


These days, languages are no longer a barrier. Tech innovation is taking care of every individual. Innovative apps like car parking offer a feature that allows users to quickly switch to their preferred language.

Payment methods

Parking apps allow users to choose their preferred mode of payment for secure payment transactions. The payment methods include cash, card, or any other secure digital gateways.

Parking History

This feature lets users check the parking area booking history. Checking the parking history allows users to book the same area again if required in the future.

Rate and Review

The rate and review feature allows users to check the particular parking lot security and area by the previous user’s reviews. 

Parking Owner App Features:


The parking lot owners can register themselves using the phone no. and e-mail ID to complete the registration process. 

Add parking slots

Owners can add the available parking space in a particular area.

Pricing management 

Parking owners can charge a specific amount based on the time for which users book a parking slot.

Check bookings

Parking owners can check the number of booking requests that have been generated for their parking area. According to the available slots, they can reject or accept the booking requests.


Parking owners receive the payments for every booking by a variety of payment gateways.

Despite various parking apps availability, three kinds of parking finder apps have gained the most popularity.

Navigation Based

The app performs on a navigation basis which means it notifies all available parking addresses in the specified area. The app can deliver all the fruitful information, from providing the shortest route to showing the free-of-cost parking slots.

Navigation Plus Booking Based

Such types of parking apps are not restricted to navigation features. Such an app forms a combination of navigation and booking in advance. It also eliminates the need for paying machines. 

Complete Booking Criteria

This type of app allows users to think beyond pricing, navigation, and booking. Users can book a complete package that includes parking area, time, and estimated fare to be charged. Users can also mention details if someone reaches the parking area to take away the car. It is based on the business owners what level of customization they want in their app.

How Much Does Car Parking App Development Cost?

If you want to invest in iOS car parking mobile app development but cannot make a budget estimation, then here are some factors that you need to consider. 

Below are the factors that influence the overall cost of car parking application development:

Requirement Gathering

This is the initial step of starting your project. It includes market research and collecting the required data that helps you to develop your desired application. You have to be familiar with your app idea and what kind of app you want to build, and requirements gathering will ensure adding the vital elements in your app.

UI/UX Design

UI UX is the most sensitive part of any digital solution. It is human nature that people quickly attracts toward visually appealing objects. To make your app attractive and capable of gaining the user’s attention, invest in high dimension elements and standard design components. The more creative and simple the design of your app will have, the more it will grab users’ attention. Keep in mind that an app that fails to impress users is less likely to sustain over the digital realm.  


The prototype is like a blueprint of your application. From app design to how the app will function, the flow will be mentioned in the blueprint of the application. 

App Development

The app developers have to witness a lot of phases. For example, if you hire iPhone app developer, then there will be a certain amount charged for the services. Moreover, the duration you will avail of the services also affects your budget. The more development time it will take, the more app development will cost.

Quality Assurance

While developing your desired application, you need to ensure that you offer a bug-free product. You can hire a quality analyst or tester to ensure the complete quality of your product. 


Once your app development is completed, you are now ready to deploy it on the preferred platform. If you have invested in iOS app development, you can deploy your app on the app store. Different app deployment platforms ask for some sort of payment. Depending upon your project, you will have to pay specific app deployment fees. 

Support & Maintenance

This is an ongoing process that starts right after your app deployment. Remember, no individual wants to navigate outdated or boring app design. To let your app gain the competitive edge and sustain itself in the online market, focus on your app’s timely support and maintenance. You can hire an iPhone App Development Company to avail mobile app support and maintenance services to keep your app bug-free and updated.

Final Thought!

Today, people are dealing with very hectic lives. They do not have time to invest in a task like finding the parking area. Everyone wants quick services. With the advent of iOS parking apps, the life of people has become easy when it comes to going out and struggling for the right parking area. People can expect a personalized experience with a customized car parking application. 

Mobile app owners can connect with professional iPhone app development companies. A reputed organization can help businesses to overcome the challenges that occurred while mobile apps development. Ensure that the company you hire has an experienced team of professionals. Where the number of cars is rising every next day, the number of available parking spaces remains the same. It simply means it’s tough competition to secure a place for parking your expensive vehicles.

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