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Rotating IP Address

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In the digital age, it is a common phenomenon that small businesses and individuals face the term “IP Rotation or Rotating IP” However, when we explain what is IP address rotation and why it occurs, both small business owners and individuals may struggle with understanding how this process works. To understand the reasoning behind this process, let’s take a look at IP rotation and what it’s used for.

What Is IP Rotation?

An Internet Protocol address (IP) is a unique number that determines how data is sent to and from each equipment linked to the internet. Devices on the internet can be assigned IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. 

An organized process where IPs are allotted to the connected device(s) at certain intervals of time chosen by the computer is called IP rotation. This sort of IP allocation involving the period of time is how the mechanism of rotating IP addresses works.

Encrypted connections are automatically assigned IP addresses from pools. After disconnection and connection, the service provider will assign you your subsequent obtainable IP address.

ISPs usually assign IP addresses to users in batches, and when they release one of these batches, it means that an internet user has disconnected. To optimize the use of existing resources, the internet service provider will give this user’s most renewed address back to their group of IPs.

How IP Rotation is Used:

Few uses of IP rotation technique are as follows:

  • Data warehouses automatically change the address of their IP access to keep track of a wide range of their destination’s activity.
  • Companies that do research apply rotating IP address techniques to detect trends.
  • Corporate firms can rotate IP addresses to eliminate regional presentation and price gouging.
  • Agencies use IP rotation to harvest data or to research questionable content.
  • SEO practitioners utilize proxies to modify IP addresses and fulfill the requirements of work from a range of physical locations. The aim is usually for keyword rankings, but SEO proxies are also used for social media promotion. `
  • Data is verified if it’s content. are not fabricated through IP rotation by Data triangulation companies
  • A large number of IT companies rotate the IP addresses for their outgoing bots in order to maintain network loads.
  • Business intelligence companies search for information on the internet by changing their own IP address.

What Is Proxy Rotation?

ISPs assign IP addresses to their customers, but these numbers can change with time. This process is crystal clear, but in the cyberworld, it might be deliberate and involve rotating proxies to conceal identity or location.

When the proxy server is correctly configured, a group of changing IP addresses from a proxy can be possible. Using this type of proxies, you can run multiple connections on one gadget, and functioning web crawls or data scraping becomes easier.

There are many methods for IP address rotation. Chrome uses a manual method for the same, however, other browsers have automated features to make this process easier.  Proxy Rotator is another efficient software through which one can easily manage to rotate the IP address.

A proxy rotator ensures that a single-entry point is your static public address so as to receive proxies from the list. Rest is done by the software automatically; this tool works by rotating IPs via random methods.

Should I Rotate Proxy?

One of the main benefits of proxy rotation is that it increases your anonymity. Additionally, both web crawling & data scraping can be automated when using proxy rotations to boost success rates.

While gathering data using web scraping techniques, it is common to find yourself blocked by website administrators.

One prevention technique is to rotate your IP address by applying a method of proxy rotation, as it allows scrapers to pass through most anti-scraping actions. This will intensify your anonymity while obtaining a large amount of data.

There are many cases where IP rotation is used by implementing the technique of proxy rotation.

  • Companies that gather data intelligence through scraping websites and rotating proxies do so in order to collect analytics on performance.
  • SEO companies use proxies to check keywords from numerous sites or to endorse their content on social media.
  • To gather product information, e-commerce competitors regularly visit one another’s site by applying proxy rotation.

Ways To Rotate IP Address

A few practical methods used to rotate IP address are:

  • Split IP Rotation. After a specified number of connections are established, the ISP will assign new IP addresses. As an example, with 05 sessions open at once, after session 06 is initiated the next 05 sessions will be assigned new IP addresses in turn.
  • Contingent IP Rotation. This method allocates a dissimilar arbitrarily assigned address to every new connection out of that node. It’s up to the system to allocate the available address to the computer, users have no control over it, and the node will rotate through all available addresses on its own.
  • Precise IP Rotation. Users can choose which IP address to use when their computer is connecting with the external network.
  • Pre-defined IP Rotation. This refers to a technique where the rotation is pre-configured to occur at specified intervals. Once the timer elapses, your IP address is changed.

Users can set up IP rotation manually. One can easily set up the proxy on Chrome browser. Besides this there are hundreds of proxy managers available with reliable service & quality which can be used to rotate IP addresses.

It’s possible to execute IP rotation with a variety of tools, Python Requests library is one of them. But not everybody can access the technical skills necessary to get this running properly.

In the event that you do not have a proxy IP address, Internet users can use an automatically computerized website rotator to rotate their web browser’s connection to various proxy URLs.

A devoted proxy handling service provides the best way to bypass firewalls and continue web scraping. This also decreases the danger of configuring IP rotation incorrectly, which can lead to misuse of proxies and bans as a result.

Proxy rotators are not necessary for residential proxies – they automatically rotate IP addresses. Datacenter Proxies, on the other hand, come with a proxy rotator that ideally should be used to change IP addresses every few minutes.


People use tricks and techniques to be safe and secure while browsing on the cyberspace, rotating IP address is one of them by using which a user takes proper parameters to hide his real identity and by implementing a robust mechanism of proxy rotation a user can easily make activities and transactions covert from the evil cyber hawks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IP rotation illegal?

Proxies can provide an extra level of security and anonymity. They may be legal when they are used without breaching any laws, but you should get professional legal advice first.

What are the common errors that occur while configuring proxies and IP rotation?

A most common error that usually occurs is configuring a proxy so that it behaves like an automated bot. This leads to the automated proxy being banned from websites and can result in not getting access to items or services

Why is it essential to rotate proxies?

Web businesses employ measures to block bot-like activity, such as rotating IP address that imitate organic user behavior in order to operate undetected on the website.

Is a rotating proxy better than a static one when it comes to web scraping?

Yes. You can bypass restrictions and implement your web scraping project ideas by using a proxy rotation.


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