Why is My website not showing up on Google?

Google indexing issues

Last Updated on November 18, 2021 by Team Experts

If you are a website creator then it is pretty obvious that you wish your website to be seen on Google which is the most popular search engine worldwide. But there are some users who are facing Google indexing issues 2021 which means your site is not showing up on Google but you do not need to panic we are here with the solutions for the same and will try to solve all your queries.

Reasons for site not showing up

Well, we must first look at the reason why your site is not showing up on Google so that we could look into the solutions more effectively.

  • Your site has still not been indexed by Google and this problem is nothing new but is almost faced by every other new brand.
  • Another reason could be that your site has not been considered as trustworthy or in other words relevant so that it could be shown for the keywords that you want to rank for.
  • You have blocked the robots.txt which is the crawler of the Google bot unintentionally.
  • The Google might have de-indexed your site as it has incurred a penalty.
  • Another thing could be that your site is facing some technical issues which might be preventing Google from indexing your website.

Solution for the issues that you are facing 

  • If the Google has not recognized your site then the best way to get the Google to know your site is to share a sitemap.
  • The first thing will be to create a sitemap and then look for the console account and then submit the site map to the Google.
  • Now the users have to go for Google request indexing which will be the final step for this step.
  • Now another thing that you can try is to earn the trust of the SEO which is search engine optimization. It is not something new for the user which is the name SEO that is why they need to earn the trust of the Google. One way that can be used by the users to gain the trust is white hat SEO which will help you.

  • The users can also refer to the digital marketing agency which will take the headache of your website not showing on the Google and will help you to get rid of this problem and will help you to get your site get ranked on the Google.

  • If your site is facing technical issues with your site then you need to fix it as soon as possible because the Google will not deliver your content unless it understands the content of your site or what you are trying to offer to your users. And even after this your problem is not fixed then you should see if something else is affecting your site then you need to contact a technical SEO to fix this problem. We know that this could be pretty frustrating but you need to bear with it to solve your problem.

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