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We reviewed a handful of logo maker apps software and chose the finest based on customization, ease, quality, and download formats and files. Your logo is the most recognizable thing about your business. That’s why it should be unique, simple, and professional. A small budget is no excuse for not having a logo when you have so many online tools that you can use to design free logos. Here is the best one.

Logo maker software and free download helps business create a strong brand identity. With the variety of logo design software available, businesses don’t need to spend a hundred bucks to get a customized and professional logo. Some of the best logo maker software already offer templates with customized designs, fonts, and colors for any type of business.

1. Canva

Canva is a cloud-based, drag-and-drop logo design software established in 2013 to help people make graphics, presentations, posters, logos, resumes, and much more. We chose it for you because it creates professional logos for free. For $1 you can get premium elements. It also offers an affordable monthly subscription. The features of Canva’s free logo maker are very visual and easy-to-use. You simply start by choosing a template from the thousand available, category wise. From there you can customize the color, shape, and symbol. You can also rearrange fonts, icons, or graphics. You can also switch templates using the drag-and-drop option. Canva’s logo making tool gives users a head-start with colors and fonts that look great. You can also choose from thousands of free and premium elements. The logo maker is totally free and can be used on any browser. You only have to pay for premium features, which cost $1/feature and can be switched with a free feature if necessary. The plus point is that you can download their application on your mobile phone and design your logo on the phone.

2. Hatchful

Hatchful is a free logo maker software by Shopify, one of the leading e-commerce websites. It allows you to create a professional logo from hundreds of templates to choose from. We chose it as the best tool since it can deliver high-quality professional logos with no design skills required, all at zero cost. Creating a logo with Hatchful couldn’t be any easier. Just enter the business type, preferred style, business name, and where the logo will be used such as billboards, business cards, websites, and social media. The tool then uses AI technology to create hundreds of logos in the preferred style. From there you can customize the colors, icons, or fonts of your logo design. Unlike other free logo making tools that charge to download a high-quality logo, Hatchful lets you download logos that are of varying resolutions for websites, social media, billboard, and much more.

3. Zyro

Zyro’s logo builder helps you turn your ideas into reality. You can easily customize each element of your logo, from icon to size to theme and text. You can design and download your logo for free in 4 easy steps. All you need to do to use this logo builder is to enter your business name, choose a template from the sample, and then personalize it until you’re satisfied with the finished result. Then download it for free and get started.

4. Ucraft

Ucraft is a logo maker tool that offers a free logo making software to the people. Create a logo using a variety of themes, shapes, and styles. With this user-friendly logo maker, you can design and download your logo in 10 minutes. Isn’t it fast? The only requirement is that you have to create an account in order to download the logo. That’s a very little price you have to pay for a free logo design. Once done, you get a crystal clear .PNG high-quality file for your logo that you can use on various platforms.

5. LogoMaker

When you click at Logo Maker website, you’ll find a video tutorial that tells you how to use their tool to design a logo. They have a drag and drop interface. This online tool is very easy to use, although a bit limited when it comes to customization, compared to the other tools mentioned in the list. The logo you will get for free is of low-quality. But if you need a high-quality logo then you’ll have to pay a certain amount. Low-resolution logo is free, high-resolution logo is for $19.

6. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker is a free tool that allows you to add text and symbols. Then what sets them apart from other websites? It is that you can also upload your own pictures and images. This logo builder also lets you add your final logo design to business cards, t-shirts, billboards by providing a number of sample templates. 

You can download your logo in the 500-pixel size for free but the quality is not very good. For the high-quality logo design, you have to pay $49. 

Initiating your own business has its own challenges. What we can do is help you choose the best tool. There are several options to get a professional logo. This post includes everything you need to know about the free tools. If there’s anything we’re missing, let us know!

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