Kickass Torrent: Navigating Proxies and Mirror Sites for Unrestricted Access

Kickass Proxy Sites

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A well-liked Bit Torrent website, Kickass Torrent is renowned for its abundance of torrent files, ease of use, and simplicity. Its activities were solid, but in 2016, copyright infringement concerns led to its suspension. Several lookalike websites known as “kickass proxy sites” were developed in response to user requests; these sites are still up and running and let users download comparable material. Kickass Torrent outperforms peer-to-peer torrent engines and file-sharing websites even after being banned.

How Does Kickass Proxy Work?

Kickass Torrents is a well-known website offering a vast catalogue of different stuff and magnetic links. Customers have found the website to be an appealing source for downloading their chosen content. Nevertheless, the website hasn’t been able to provide its users with the best torrents since it vanished in 2016. Thankfully, Kickass proxy services have appeared and can unblock the original Kickass material. Your internet service provider’s limitations may be readily circumvented to have access to the awesome torrent files.

Functional Original Kickass Mirror/Proxy Websites

All content from the original Kickass torrent website is hosted on the Kickass proxy site. It unblocks torrent files and other content, including software, games, movies, videos, books, anime, and other awesome stuff. Users may access several mirror sites built for the Kickass torrent. However, none of them are functioning. The top kickass mirror sites that function at their peak and offer users kickass torrent proxy material are listed below.

List of Kickass Proxy Sites (Updated Working Sites)

Kickass ProxySpeedCountries
katcr.toSuper FastUSA
Kickass Proxy 20Super FastUK
Kickass Proxy 17Super FastUSA
kickasstorrents.idSuper FastUK
Kat Proxy 21Super FastUSA FastUK – NewVery FastUSA FastUSA FastUSA – NewNormalUSA FastUSA

Benefits of Kickass Proxy Sites

  • Customers may safely see their favourite data using KickAss Proxy.
  • Kickass Proxy prevents the site from crashing by creating a suitable server balance.
  • The torrent files may be downloaded quickly because of the proxy site’s better internet speed.
  • It is the best site that makes navigating so easy for users.
  • The Kickass proxy’s data is all appropriately categorised. As a result, you won’t have any trouble finding the torrent file you want.
  • It is the top site for links and P2P file sharing.
  • On this proxy site, you may download any content.

Reasons to Use Kickass Mirror Site and Proxy

Customers who use these torrents receive the newest and most intriguing material. It is really popular. You can not save data from this torrent site as the website was banned for rules violations. Kickass’s proxy and sites offer comparable content—users may download the unblocked Kickass torrents. These proxy sites create a reliable internet connection by hiding your current location. Thus, you should use the proxy or mirror services to download anything from Kickass.

How Kickass Proxy Function

A reliable connection is established between you and the server you are attempting to visit through the Kat proxy. Before it visits the mirror site, the browser’s internet request is sent via the proxy server. In this manner, it helps unblock the real content of the extra-secure torrent website. You may view Kickass materials privately and securely; your ISP won’t trace them while Kickass is unblocked.

Top Different Sites to Kickass Torrents


It is another free Kickass substitute where you may get various content to suit your tastes, just like any other website. The ExtraTorrents torrenting website offers vast content, including books, TV episodes, movies, and software. The site is easy to use and friendly for new users.


It is a terrific substitute for Kickass, offering a wide content selection. On the LimeTorrents torrenting network, sharing torrent files is an additional feature beyond downloading. The torrenting website Lime Torrents has a well-organized content section that simplifies it.


It is among the best and most captivating Kickass substitutes, primarily concentrating on movies. However, the YTS torrent website offers no other content, such as games or software. YTS’s user-friendly interface allows users to find the desired material quickly.


The 1337x torrent website uses the BitTorrent protocol to share data and provide material to users. Users may download content for free by visiting the 1337x torrent website as an alternative to Kickass torrents. It is very simple to use with its friendly interface.


Similar to Kickass, RARBG gives users access to various torrent files and permits BitTorrent protocol-based file sharing. Thanks to its user-friendly design, customers may effortlessly browse through the many sections of the website and download the contents. Additionally, RARBG is renowned for offering its clients certified torrents.

The Pirate Bay

It’s among the greatest torrent search engines for locating your desired information. The Pirate Bay customers can donate magnet links to the website and engage in P2P file sharing in addition to searching and downloading. Because of its simple but intuitive user interface, the Pirate Bay website is the best for downloading various kinds of stuff, including games, movies, software, apps, and more.

Kickass Torrents History

Although Kickass Torrents has been operating smoothly since its inception, several domain name changes have occurred due to issues. The website moved to multiple nations with different names between 2013 and 2015. The original website was revived in 2016, but users cannot access it. Despite this, many mirror and proxy websites have been established that let users see and download content from the Kickass torrent website.

Why is the Torrent Kickass Blocked?

In 2016, a case was filed in the Court of Chicago against the proprietor of the Kickass torrent website. The owner was accused of criminal copyright issues and money laundering in the lawsuit. Following a fruitful inquiry, the truth was discovered since the website’s activities were suspended.

When Kickass Torrent isn’t accessible, how can I still access it?

VPNProxyTor BrowserAccess via Turning Off Internet Protection and the Firewall
You may establish a free VPN connection to browse data on the Kickass torrent website.Customers can access the Kickass torrent website using mirrors or proxy sites. Using these methods, you can browse. Kickass’ original content covertly.Users may communicate anonymously with Tor, a free browser. The Tor browser conceals users’ location while transferring. internet traffic across nodes.  Letting these torrents bypass your firewall and internet security lets you easily access the original Kickass files. The website you are browsing will not have any security or privacy features, and the internet protection will be disabled.

Extra Kickass Torrents Proxy List

  • Skytorrents Proxy
  • 123movies Proxy
  • Torrentdownloads Proxy
  • 13377x Proxy
  • Torlock Proxy
  • EZTV Proxy
  • Torrentz2 Proxy
  • TamilRockers Proxy
  • Tamilmv Proxy


Why can’t certain people access the Kickass torrent?

Indeed. We may be unable to access content on the Kickass torrent for various reasons. He may be living in an area where the website is prohibited, or the problem may potentially arise from the user’s inadequate internet connection.

Why is the Kickass proxy is so important?

Indeed. Because Kickass proxy sites may give you access to the unblocked contents of the Kickass torrent, they are indispensable.

What is the way to access the Kickass proxy using a VPN?

Indeed. Your device can be connected to a VPN. Thanks to the VPN, your ISP won’t be aware of the website you are visiting, which will help you change your IP address.

Is there still access to the Kickass torrent website?

Indeed. Kickass’s primary torrent site has been disabled since 2016 due to website bans. Nonetheless, unblocked content from the Kickass torrent website may still be accessed through proxy and mirror websites.

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