Why do Recruiters Need a Video Interview Platform for Hiring

Why do Recruiters Need a Video Interview

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Summary: Video interview platforms can be quite useful to recruiters. Especially when the recruiter and candidate have no other convenient means of having an interview. Hence, it is important to know various aspects of video interviewing. So, here we are with another blog where you can learn about video interviews, video interview platform USA, their advantages, and the reason behind their popularity. Scroll further to know more!

Interviews through a video interview platform USA have gained popularity in the last five years. This is because it can save money and time for the recruiter. Also, it wouldn’t be so smart to rely on traditional interviews in this world of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence. 

A traditional interview setup requires a lot of preparation. The interviewer needed a separate room where he could interview the candidate. Plus, no traditional interviews were recorded. So, the interviewer had to take his notes, and the other panel members had to interpret the candidate based on these notes.  

On the contrary, video interviews today are of great convenience to the recruiter. All thanks to the video interview platform USA. The interview can be recorded, and other panel members can be added conveniently. The recruiter needs no separate room. He can take an interview from any place available to him. Scroll further to learn more about what a video interview is.

What is a Video Interview? 

A video interview is a process in which an interview is conducted virtually with the help of interview tools, software, or platforms. The recruiter sends a link for the video call to the candidate. The candidate is supposed to join the link, switch on his camera and audio, and answer the interviewer. Interviews through the video interview software can be conducted in two ways. 

The first way is, as mentioned above, where the interviewer and candidate connect through an audio-video call. Here, the interviewer asks questions, and the candidate has to answer them then and there. 

The second way is also called a one-way interview. In this, the interviewer records questions on a video, and in return, the candidate sends a video to the interviewer answering the questions. This type of interview is generally conducted for remote job vacancies. 

Till now, we have learned about video interviews. Read further to understand what a video interview platform USA is.

What is a Video Interview Platform? 

A video interview platform allows the interviewer to conduct the interview virtually. It deletes the need for a candidate to travel to the office for an interview. Furthermore, video platforms help to access the soft skills of the candidate. 

This helps to eliminate any bias that may be created in the minds of the interviewer initially. The chances of arising biases are higher in the case of the interviewer. Hence, the video interview platform USA eliminates this probability and helps unbiased interviews. 

These interviewing platforms use artificial intelligence, scheduling options, and other modern technologies for the interviewer’s convenience. They also integrate with various software like applicant tracking systems and CRM. Unlike other interview mediums, a video recruitment platform comprises many features:

  • Create interview links within minutes.
  • Send the interview links to multiple candidates in a single click.
  • Function to track interview schedules.
  • Share the video with a panel for more views and opinions.
  • Record the interview to increase its legitimacy.
  • Set deadlines for accepting invites and submitting assessments. 
  • Attend the interview session from anywhere in the world (provided there is good internet connectivity).

We have seen what a video interview platform USA is and its features. Scroll down to learn about the popularity of these platforms.

Why are Video Interview Platforms in the USA so Popular? 

Video interview platform USA has gained huge popularity because of its convenience. These platforms enable online interviews, which are beneficial for recruiters. This popularity increased even more during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Not only this! 

The majority of jobs and work were being carried through an online mode. This made it necessary for the companies to opt for various modes of taking an interview. Hence, the best alternative for conducting interviews came out to be an online mode. As a result, to ease this process, the video interview platform USA gained popularity. Also, it eliminated the problem of geographical boundaries.

What are the Advantages of Video Interview Platform USA?

An interviewing ATS platform provides multiple advantages. We are going to highlight the top three advantages of this platform. They are:

  • Great Extent of Flexibility 

The interviewing platform provides great flexibility to both the interviewer and the candidate. This way, both parties can be more comfortable and stick to their schedules. They can even discuss before deciding the timings via emails or other communication means. 

This reduces the confusion between the parties, leading to the effective conduct of interviews. Video interview platforms ease the scheduling burden on the shoulders of the candidate. A recruiter needs to conduct multiple interviews daily. A video interview platform USA makes this easy for recruiters. 

The recruiter can track the acceptance of the candidates for the interview and even send multiple emails with a click. Not to miss! The tracking function of video interview platforms also aids the recruiter in determining the credibility of the candidate.

  • Quick Hire through Scheduling Convenience

A modern hire video interview platform allows the recruiter to schedule quick meetings. The recruiter can create a video interview link within minutes and send it to multiple candidates at a time. The platform saves the commutation time, too. There is a good use of time in traveling from one place to another. 

This saves a heck of time and resources. Also, online interviews eliminate geographical boundaries. In face-to-face or traditional interviews, it becomes difficult to reschedule the interview. This is because the candidate has already vacated his schedule for the interview. 

However, in online interviews, the recruiter can easily reschedule the interview with one click. The candidate does not vacate his schedule for an online interview as he does not travel anywhere. They vacate only the scheduled interview timing. Hence, it becomes easy to reschedule. 

  • Better Comfort Levels

A video recruitment platform USA makes interviews more comfortable for both parties. The candidates participate in the interview session from the place that is most convenient for them. They have fewer restrictions on themselves. This allows them to relax and attend the interview. 

In traditional interviews, the candidate has to go through many stages. They must dress impressively and travel from one place to another for the interview. At the place of the interview, they might need to wait. This increases anxiety levels. In case there are other candidates, they may compare themselves to them. This most probably leads to undermining themselves, and their confidence levels might drop low. 

However, during an interview on the video interview platform USA, the candidate is unknown to others. There are no prebuilt misconceptions. This helps the candidate perform with more confidence and can show the interviewer his true self. It improves the candidate experience and builds a better company image. 

  • Enhanced Global Reach 

A video interview platform helps the recruiter to reach different candidates all over the world. This helps the company to reach new levels of success. The video interview platform helps the company connect with talent on a global scale. These platforms eliminate the need for a person to be physically present for the interview. 

Thus, the recruiter can conduct interviews, and the candidate can attend them from anywhere in the world. This helps to broaden the talent pool beyond the geographical boundaries. Moreover, these video platforms can adjust the time zones. 

This means this software provides great flexibility in scheduling and considering candidates from different time zones. So, these are the top three advantages of a video interview platform USA. In the next section, let us understand how to choose the correct video interview platform.

How to choose the correct video interview platform? 

Choosing the correct video interview platform USA can be pivotal for effective recruitment and interview of the candidates. You should consider the following points while choosing the correct video interview platform: 

  • The software must be easy to use. It should have a simple interface so the candidates, as well as the recruiter, face no problems while operating it. Moreover, a simple interface is desired more than a complicated one. 
  • The interview platform must have customization options. So, it should have options for live as well as recorded interviews, background options, and similar.
  • The video interview platform USA must have a robust security system because both the recruiter and the candidate will share their data through this software. 
  • This software should be able to integrate with the company’s other existing software. Video interviewing software is not the only software that the company uses. There are many others like ATS, CRM, and similar. Thus, it should have great integration capacities. 
  • The software should be technically sound. It should have a clear video and audio quality for better communication. 
  • It should be easy to set up. The parties should not need a long period to start and use the software. 
  • The video interview platform must have good consumer support to solve issues arising during the interview. 

Thus, these are the points you should consider while choosing the correct video platform for interviewing candidates. Read further to know why they gained so much popularity.


The video interview platform USA can be a lifesaver for the recruiter. It becomes easy for the recruiter to reject the candidate without much effort if the candidate is inappropriate. Rejecting a candidate in traditional interviews is difficult. But online interviews make it easier. Also, most of the candidates prefer online interviews because of their flexibility and comfort level. So, it is better to opt for this new online interview system rather than go for uncomfortable and awkward traditional interviews.


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