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Wholesale Software

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Wholesale business is a business when you buy goods or products in huge quantities from manufacturing businesses, warehouse them, and further sell them to other businesses, or it may be so that you produce your products, and sell them to retailers directly, who further sell them to the end customers.

There are many advantages of doing a wholesale business, like:

  • It saves more money: As you buy in bulk and store them for further distribution, you get better prices and sell them for more.
  • Built a network of suppliers: A wholesale business allows you to build a good network of manufacturers and suppliers that you can rely on. This helps you in building a brand that is reliable and sustainable.
  • More chances to expand: You good foothold and connections, you have better opportunities to expand your business. With an established brand and setup, you have better poised than others for new ventures and setups.

The business of wholesale and wholesale software

In a wholesale business, goods or products are directly not sold to the end consumers. Instead, the products or goods are obtained from manufacturers or distributors and sold to third-party businesses, and usually in bulk. This third party is usually the retail business, which sells to the end buyers or consumers.

The business of wholesale is not that easy as it may sound. It has its own set of unique challenges. It has tracking of products, different suppliers to deal with, their terms and conditions, and many more. Also, wholesale is the most critical part of the connection between the manufacturer and the consumers. For all these complexities, you need to have wholesale software or wholesale distribution software. It is software that can automate your business from the start to the end. It is an ideal software for importers, distributors, dealers, and wholesalers as well.

Why does your business wholesale software?

With wholesale software you give your business the easy way of accepting orders, support your supply chain,  get better control over your inventory, easy and efficient accounting, and customer satisfaction. It helps increase the efficiency of your business multifold.

With the main focus on robust inventory management features, the wholesale software helps your wholesale business to be operated in automated and streamlined processes across all departments. Plus, you eliminate the need to manage data in multiple, stand-alone systems, making it easier to take total control over your business from wherever you are, and without the fear of losing clients, and thus your business.

Noted below are some of the key features of the wholesale software:

  • Inventory Management
  • Multiple Warehouse Control
  • Accounting
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Pricing and Contracts Management
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard Features with Financial and Sales Reports
  • Contract Management
  • Return Management
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
  • Lot or Batch Tracking
  • B2B Online Order Portal
  • Marketplace Integration

A distribution software system helps you take control of your entire distribution network so you’re your businesses can streamline the operations including supply chain, purchase management, sales, inventory management, accounting, returns management, order management, offers, and many more in a single software and profit well.

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