A Beginner’s Guide to SEO Reselling and White Label SEO

White Label SEO

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) was once a niche term that was known only by technology and marketing experts.  However, as we have become more digitally literate companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of SEO.  If you don’t have the expertise required to provide SEO, however, there is still some options open to you in order to provide these services to your clients.  This is where seo white label reseller services comes into play and provides your company with all the benefits that come along with it and helps you focus on your strengths and building your business up.

What is White Label SEO?

The first thing you might be wondering is what white label SEO is.  This refers to the reselling of SEO services from a third party to your clients.   After a rigorous screening process, you would find a partner company to work with in order to provide your clients with expert level SEO services that previously may not have been an option.  Part of this agreement with this partner company would provide your company with all reports and relevant documentation without branding that you would then repackage and brand with your own company logos and style.

Benefits of White Label SEO

This partnership has several benefits for your company.  The first relates to the clients your company is able to attract.  You may previously have had to turn clients away who were after specific SEO packages, now you don’t have that worry and provide this service with the added benefit of providing a single point of contact for the customers.

In this age of promising clients the earth, another benefit of this form of working is that you provide new and expert services for clients within a reasonable timescale assuming that you have clear project expectations.   As the expert work on the SEO areas, you can focus on managing the client and other areas of the project that fit your expertise.

White label SEO provides your company with a cost-effective growth opportunity.   Working with your partner you can work out how much is appropriate to charge for the services to balance out their costs.  It also provides you with more revenue options with little to no overhead for your company.  You gain the expertise of a specific SEO company without needing to train your employees or setting up anything specific for the revenue stream. 

How to Do White Label SEO 

White label SEO can be done easily, but there are some ways to improve the effectiveness of your venture and the services you provide.   The most basic service you could provide is to help clients with their website content.  Websites tend to have several landing pages with large amount of text.  This can be a daunting prospect to consider, especially for the marketing and legal departments, especially when you consider how to improve the optimisation of these pages.  The private SEO company can provide your clients with expert advice and potential frameworks for creating this content that is scalable as their site grows.

Most people are aware of the use of keywords and their effectiveness in relation to SEO, however the danger comes in with overloading your page with these or using ineffective keywords.  The expertise of a SEO company means you can provide your clients with knowledge and understanding of how to research useful keywords and selecting the most effective ones for your site.

Building on this is the idea of optimising on-page SEO in various elements of the website.  This requires some fine-tuning to allow search engine bots to easily read the content of the website.  As such, a company focussed on SEO is an invaluable asset.

In SEO link building is a key step and skill for optimisation, however there is a level of nuance required in order to determine which websites are the safest to link and those you wish to avoid at all costs.  If done right, this can provide your client with quality backlinks to help build the companies authority and increase their relevancy in their field.

Finally, there is the local SEO which allows you to target smaller segments of the market and turn them into customers.  This means you can attract local customers even if you don’t have the highest volume of keywords in your niche, something that is infinitely easier if you have a SEO expert on hand.

Wrapping Up

White label SEO is a brilliant way for your company to increase its revenue options and provide your clients with expertise SEO services without large amounts of overhead.  You can provide your existing clients with a variety of new services and attract new clients whether locally or on a wider scale.  It will also ultimately allow you to focus on the areas that are most important to your company and leave the SEO services to the experts.

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